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The Competitors :: Creative Writing Essays

Creative Writing The CompetitorsAs thousands of people poured into the rectangular shaped sphere for what wasbeing called, "the event of the century" , the participants readied themselvesfor the hardships they would surely suffer from the games. After a longgrueling season of intense bodily torture this would by the final chapter ofconfrontations. Out of the 275 original members of the DFS federations infant year,only 20 remained. These custody and women were not only hardened on the outside, entirely on the privileged as well for they had long since learned the weaknesses thatemotions bring. Everyone one present in the cubical that was called a dressingroom knew that as soon as the capacity host of 300,000 had settled, they wouldno longer be comrades brought together by the common bond that friendship makesbut enemies of the battle field separately one jockeying for the upper hand.As the referee announced there was half an hour left before game term, a fewplayers f lock together to say a quick prayer while others garner around thehead coach for a final word of advice. sensation of the competitors listening tothis advice was Matt Williams or "The Destroyer", as he was cognise by the crowd.He was a powerfully built young part who was in the possession of complex opalineeyes, nightmarish black hair, and a ruddy complexion. Feared by all for hisruthless behavior, Matt had joined the DFS league after being courtmarshaled bythe army for striking the commanding officeholder of his platoon. Why he was evennear the coach was a arcanum to him because most of the coaches words fell onunhearing ears. Matt guessed he was just nervous. Who wouldnt be. Looking up,Matt saw that the coach had left and it was time to enter the field. Strappingon his helmet and the rest of his gear, he took a deep breath, focused histhoughts, and ran out onto the field joining the rest of the players. The roarof the crowd sounded as if a tsunami was breaking on the beach and the ground tangle as if it were pulsating with a life of its own. He never remembered thesefeelings before but he simply shrugged off the thought as he faintly heard thesound of the referees whistle. Suddenly, the sound of the crowd was replacedby e resounding silence that was deafening in Matts ears.

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Comparing the Innocent Criminal in Black Boy, Uncle Toms Children, Nat

The Innocent Criminal in vague Boy, Uncle Toms Children, Native tidings, and The Outsider It is in all probability a mere accident that I never killed, Richard Wright commented offhandedly in an interview with Robert Moss (596). After reading several of Wrights works, one can considerably understand what Wright means by this statement. In his books desolate Boy, Uncle Toms Children, Native intelligence, and The Outsider, Wright suggests that black-and-blue society has transformed black people into criminals. The source of this claim comes from Wrights person-to-person experiences as a Negro in the Deep South. Whether pushed to crime from fate or for personal fulfillment and self-realization, the protagonists of Wrights works are innocent criminals they eff that the ultimate crime for which they are cosmos punished is the crime of being black. Circumstances created by a racist social order stain the characters in intolerable positions that coerce them into villainous ac tivities. In his autobiographical novel, Black Boy, Wright supports this theory using himself as an example. In the tradition of the slave autobiography, Black Boy provides details of Wrights life from early childhood to his arrival in Chicago. As Joyce Ann Joyce says, Black Boy a realistic and poetic notice of the hunger Wright endured as a child, his closeness to his mother, the effect of his mothers illness, his problems with his father, his fathers desertion, the violence he experienced from his mothers relatives, his love of words and books, his discovery of racism and his developing racial consciousness, his fight against his mothers and grandmothers religion, his scanty education, ... and the development of his individuality... ...chard Wright. New York Harcourt, 1969. Rpt. in Richard Wrights Native Son Modern Critical Interpretations. New York Chelsea House, 1988. Moss, Robert F. Caged Misery. Saturday Review. Jan. 21, 1978, 45-7. Rpt. in Contemporary Liter ary Criticism. Vol. 14. Detroit Gale, 1980. Skerrett, Joseph T., younger Composing Bigger Wright and the Making of Native Son. in Richard Wrights Native Son Modern Critical Interpretations. New York Chelsea House, 1988. Wright, Richard. Black Boy. New York Harper, 1944. _____. How Bigger Was Born. Saturday Review. June 1, 1940, n.pag. Rpt. in Native Son. New York Harper, 1940. _____. Native Son. New York Harper, 1940. _____. The Outsider. New York Harper, 1953. _____. Uncle Toms Children. New York Harper, 1936.

Distinct Characterization in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar Essay

William Shakespeares play Julius Caesar works convincingly for audiences today non only because of its truth historically, but because of its truth of disposition, historically.  As with the rest of the side bards green goddesson, it is the genius driven aspect of the writing that continually reminds you of the plays purpose.  Because the consultations are so fantastically dissimilar, in appearance and language, the play comes alive.  In Julius Caesar, two aspects come alive most the instauration of magnanimousness in the papist Empire, and most especially the obvious characters themselves that lie this plays vision of that aristocracy.Primarily the world of Roman aristocrats is presented by the representation of the grapple world of governance through and through and through terzetto aspects.  They complete the triumvirate behind the triumvirate, so to speak.  Shakespeare creates this world by showing us the rulers at the top (after Caesars death), t he senators who provide or give birth away world-beater from the rulers in the new post dictator rule, and the conspirators who provide or take away causality from all behind the scenes.  Had Shakespeare shown the Roman aristocracy without these three elements, we would have been left with little understanding of how the empire got to where it did at the clip of Julius Caesar.This is his awesome creative military unit.  The playwright didnt further give promissory notes to players to proclaim the hi history, and he didnt rely upon narrative choruses.  Instead, he created the world for us by putting the whole picture in front of us all of the world-beater aspects are there on the stage.  Naturally, behind the meanss of power are found powerful characters, each with distinct qualities that contain the story to life.  I go away rely upon star character from each part above to examine just how they are treated what manages to give them memorable traits and believable motives.William Shakespeare utilized language and behavior to motivate his characters.  Julius Caesar works because of this.  Marcus Antonius is a fine example of this.  Shakespeare provided him with the lines and actions to show him to be a manipulative instrument of power.  He is truly a favorite of audiences.  Antonius is ready to say anything and do anything to keep his place in the world, to preserve his power.  When the conspirators realize their plans to kill Caesar, it is Antonius that encourages the accomplices, and convinces them that he is on their side.  In opposite words, he is saying that I will preserve your power if you preserve mine.This is the meaning behind his words to Brutus and accomplices  Friends am I with you all and love you all, upon this hope, that you shall give me reasons why and wherein Caesar was dangerous (III.i.219) and then, Thats all I resonatek (227) when he receives an answer which is not precis ely satisfactory at all.  The complete vision of this self serving prox ruler of Rome is provided only moments later, when Shakespeare reminds us of the duplicity of Antonius when we see he did not act in accord with his heart, but with his advantage seeking.  O, relieve me, thou bleeding piece of earth, that I am meek and season with these butchers (255).The next example comes from the senators Cicero specifically.  How does Shakespeare impart a distinct character in him that sets him apart from both the rulers and the conspirators?  This is perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of how Shakespeare can imbue qualities into characters.  It is also one of the most convincing tools he possesses to bring the audience into participation with this history of his.  The senators are important to Julius Caesar because they represent guile and timid bureaucracy.  They are there merely to maintain the status quo and to defer into the political realm with out truly entering into politics.  Shakespeare is in this play explaining that power rests either within the real ruler (such as Caesar or one of the triumvirate), or within the conspirators who would oust the ruler, through any means necessary.  surrounded by the two groups are the people who hold very little power themselves.  They are the rank and file ruling class in this contingency the senators.Notice how Cicero does not even have any lines?  How then does he represent so a lot to the play?  How can we understand the Roman aristocracy so clearly in him, then?  Of him we have no lines, but an awareness.  He is an orator.  He is skilled in rhetoric.  And yet, what does he actually convey through his words?  Nothing.  He is a rhetorical, political blowhard.  Concerning his obstetrical delivery during Caesars triumphant parade, consider this dialogue between Cassius and CascaCassius Did Cicero say anything?Casca Ay, he spoke Gr eek.Cassius To what effect?Casca for mine own part, it was Greek to me. (I.ii.281-284)In other words, it was just words.  The senators are not to be understood.  Therefore they are not a threat to emperor, conspirators or the common man.  They play the part of the aristocracy that simply stands for aristocracy.  By withholding lines from the most loquacious senator, Shakespeare creates a distinct vision of both Cicero and the part of the Roman aristocracy which he serves.The utmost character that serves great importance to Julius Caesar, of course, would be Brutus.  He comes from the conspirator grade and is such a powerfully rendered character that he has become a virtual stereotypical vision of bloody revenge and betrayal.  When audience have in mind traitor, they inevitably think Brutus.  What is special about him in Shakespeares roll?  It is the absolute single mindedness of this villain (or hero as the case may be).  He does not waver as does Antonius.  He does not shorten back like Cicero.  He is Brutus.  His lines and his actions represent someone who is an ideologue.  He has fiercely held ideals and he has fiercely held ways of acting those out.  Nothing will feature in his way.  That is the vision of this aspect of Roman aristocracy.  It is the power outside of the powerful.  This line from Brutus sums up this chief trait of his, and compels us to see it this way.We at the superlative degree are ready to decline.There is a tide in the affairs of menWhich, taken at the flood, leads on to fortuneOmitted, all the voyage of their lifeIs bound in shallows and in miseries.On such a full sea are we now afloat,And we must take the current when it serves,Or lose our ventures. (IV.iii.218224)These may not be the most tumesce known of Brutus.  However, they make the point clear about how Shakespeare imbues the distinctiveness of character into him.  It is this set of lines tha t speaks the most about his place as a character and about his place within the world of Roman aristocracy.  We can see just how much power the conspirators wield.  They turn out to be much more powerful than the Senate, and perhaps even more powerful than the rulers, whether Caesar or one of the triumvirate.  It is because, Shakespeare says, that Brutus and his companions can afford to be single minded and focus on their ideals and tasks at hand.  It is what makes the success of the plans visible from the outset.The question then of just how William Shakespeare creates the world of Roman aristocracy and gives each player the distinct character that is so important to Julius Caesar is answered by the same fashion.  The two are irrevocably intertwined.  It is a concurrent twofold plan.  First, Shakespeare creates convincing facets of the historical world in this case the facets are the different aspects of Roman aristocracy as seen through the rulers, the senators and the conspirators.  Next, and simultaneously, he populates these aspects with their stereotypical, archetypical characters.  Because they fully belong to their separate classes, the very descriptions of them seen through their lines and actions fulfill the historical picture and provide every bit of caper that a contemporary audience needs.

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Miller dramatise political Essay

The melting pot is written by Arthur miller, a man who has concerns for the McCarthy brass in the mid-fifties. Miller is quick of scent and sees the problems for this kind of rule over America. Miller was undoubtedly against this, but at the time of the rule of McCarthyism he would sw eachow indeed disappe ard he had to support various causes to keep himself alive. He expresses his consider insidiously through The Crucible, morally he disputes that whether we are in the 1950s or 1600s, human nature never changes.Millers semipolitical mission is to alter the zealous minds of the majority of America when Miller corresponds in to the 1600s he mentions the belief that the spirit could leave the body, palpably and visibly. through various display cases Miller shares his burden of the problem By using characters as vehicles to get his views across. A man of the cloths role in the 1600s was an important this position was truly authoritative and a direct link to God however, power is ill-treated as he proves with his characters.Reverend embroil as a character in The Crucible is directly portrayed as a tight-skinned animated eyes intellectual suggesting that unscathed is a suspicious, clever and quick witted individual. Hale believes he is on a beloved errand in doing Gods work and finding witches His ignorance however can be pitied he is supply with praise, admiration and total respect from the lethargic minds of the public. He shares the same spot with Reverend Parris, but is not as corrupt. Hale is proven to be very encapsulated by pondering the invisible world he reveals his assent strongly and that he is constantly open minded with what happens in the model world and how the supernatural could overlap it hence his job.If Hale thinks of himself with the best minds of Europe-kings, philosophers, scientists and ecclesiasts of all churches this spontaneously proves he is proud and authoritative which is very high esteem. The Crucible has Hale as a character of strict beliefs, if his books have the annoy stripped of his brute disguises and are weighted with authority. Obviously, when ever any character turn to the devil in this play we see it as superstition but to Hale, The Devil is precise the marks of his presence are definite as stone elucidating that he is a zealous man.He is strong in faith but to think everything you say is authoritative is quite dangerous this means your mind will not give birth new ideas or different views This is Millers reference to some the McCarthy government activity. When interrogating Tituba, constantly he gives leading questions These forces an individual to say the same phrase in their answer, such(prenominal) as When did you compact with the Devil? this establishes a biased and manipulative answer.He is a good judge of character because he says Rebecca Nurse looks as such a good soul should, without delay we know he is a judicious person and quite fair and a attractive character especi ally when he takes Titubas hand. Tituba is shocked for no sporty man had ever shown her kindness let alone touched her in a kind way. At this moment in time, Hale engages us with kindness and quite good assets to give us a pity view of him.Miller has devised this kind of character because he tries to explain to the government people like these only expands the problem. Miller probably refers to spies of the government who were creditworthy for the disappearing of the public. Through the story Hales character changes and we see some morality for he is able to admit to his mistakes and try to correct them. Reverend Hale and Parris share the same status in the public. Parris is distinctly power thirsty(p) and somehow wants to have a life as a Reverend/ Landowner we learn more about his selfish desires later on in the play.Reverend Parris shows certain control of his household when he orders Tituba forbidden of Here which displays the convincing power of this particular troubl ed individual. There seems to be concern for his daughters condition, for she has been able to wake, but as any good begetter should, he cares and sends for the doctor. Parris in some sense is quite a wise man he knows what trouble witchcraft brings to a community and clearly does not believe the message by Susanna who recites from the doctor You should look to stirred causes he clearly denies any legations of superstition.

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Prelude to Foundation Chapter 16 Officers

RAYCH- According to Hari Seldon, the original meeting with Raych was entirely accidental. He was simply a gutter urchin from whom Seldon had asked directions. But his vitality, from that moment on, continued to be intertwined with that of the great mathematician untilEncyclopedia astronomicala77.The following morning, dressed from the waist bulge outward(a), having washed and s nonplusd, Seldon knocked on the entrance that led to Dorss adjoining patchner and utter in a moderate voice, Open the door, Dors.She did. The short reddish-gold curls of her hair were unagitated wet and she too was dressed besides from the waist downcast.Seldon stepped back in embarrassed al fort. Dors determineed down at the swell of her breasts indifferently and wrapped a towel well-nigh her head. What is it? she asked.Seldon imagine, looking strike to his objurgate, I was waiver to ask you ab stunned Wye.Dors give tongue to truly natur exclusivelyy, About why in connection with what? An d for inviol ableness sake, dont crystallize me talk to your ear. Surely, youre non a virgin.Seldon verbalize in a spite t mavinness, I was merely try to be polite. If you dont mind, I certainly dont. And its non why about what. Im asking about the Wye Sector.Why do you regard to k genuine elbow room? Or, if you prefer Why Wye?Look, Dors, Im grave. Ein truth once in a man, the Wye Sector is mentioned-the city manager of Wye, actually. Hummin mentioned him, you did, Davan did. I dont feel some(prenominal)thing about all the welkin or the Mayor.Im not a native Trantorian either, Hari. I cope very little, nevertheless if youre wel flow to what I do discern. Wye is heartfelt the south pole-quite large, very populous-Very populous at the south pole?Were not on Helicon, Hari. Or on Cinna either. This is Trantor. Everything is clandestine and underground at the poles or underground at the equator is pretty much the same. Of course, I imagine they dungeon their day-ni ght arrangements rather extreme-long days in their summer, long nights in their winter- near as it would be on the surface. The extremes argon just affectation theyre proud of being polar.But Upperside they must(prenominal) be cold, indeed.Oh yes. The Wye Upperside is s instantaneously and ice, scarcely it doesnt lie as thickly thither as you talent believe. If it did, it energy crush the dome, neertheless it doesnt and that is the basic flat coat for Wyes power.She circleed to her mirror, removed the towel from her head, and threw the dry-net oer her hair, which, in a way out of five seconds, gave it a pleasant sheen. She verbalize, You watch no idea how cheery I am not to be wearing a skincap, as she put on the upper portion of her clothing.What has the ice layer to do with Wyes power?Think about it. Forty billion mint utilise a great deal of power and every calorie of it last degenerates into heat and has to be got 10 rid of. Its piped to the poles, particular ly to the south pole, which is the to a greater extent substantial of the devil, and is discharged into space. It melts most of the ice in the process and Im certainly that accounts for Trantors clouds and rains, no matter how much the meteorology boggins insist that things ar more multi invent than that.Does Wye make consumption of the power out front discharging it?They may, for all I experience. I thrownt the slightest idea, by the way, as to the technology obscure in discharging the heat, merely Im talking about political power. If cajan pea were to stop producing usable energy, that would certainly gravel Trantor, but in that location are early(a) sectors that produce energy and potentiometer up their production and, of course, there is stored energy in one form or an early(a). Eventually, dhal would go for to be dealt with, but there would be cadence. Wye, on the other give-Yes?Well, Wye begins rid of at to the lowest degree(prenominal) 90 percent of al l the heat developed on Trantor and there is no substitute. If Wye were to turn out down its heat emission, the temperature would start going up all over Trantor.In Wye too.Yes, but since Wye is at the south pole, it pack out arrange an inf meek of cold air. It wouldnt do much good, but Wye would last longer than the embossment of Trantor. The point is, then, that Wye is a very touchy problem for the emperor and the Mayor of Wye is-or at least end be-extremely powerful.And what kind of a person is the perplex Mayor of Wye?That I dont hunch forward. What Ive occasionally heard would make it advertm that he is very old and pretty much a recluse, but unverbalised as a hypership hull and still cleverly maneuvering for power.Why, I admiration? If hes that old, he couldnt hold the power for long.Who knows, Hari? A lifelong obsession, I suppose. Or else its the game the maneuvering for power, without whatsoever real longing for the power itself. Probably if he had the power an d took over Demerzels place or still the olympian mickle itself, he would feel disappointed because the game would be over. Of course he might, if he was still alive, begin the subsequent game of keeping power, which might be just as difficult and just as satisfying.Seldon agitate his head. It strikes me that no one could possibly be collarch for to be Emperor.No in his right mind(predicate) person would, I free, but the purple wish, as it is frequently called, is uniform a disease that, when caught, drives out sanity. And the closer you grasp to high office, the more standardisedly you are to catch the disease. With all(prenominal) ensuing promotion-The disease grows still more a cuffe. Yes, I can see that. But it also seems to me that Trantor is so huge a world, so interlocking in its needs and so conflicting in its am partions, that it makes up the major part of the inability of the Emperor to rule. Why doesnt he just leave Trantor and establish himself on rough sim pler world?Dors laughed. You wouldnt ask that if you knew your hi falsehood. Trantor is the Empire through thousands of years of custom. An Emperor who is not at the Imperial Palace is not the Emperor. He is a place, even more than a person. Seldon sank into silence, his face rigid, and later a duration Dors asked, Whats the matter, Hari?Im thinking, he say in a muffled voice. Ever since you told me that hand-on-thigh story, Ive had fugitive thoughts that-Now your notice about the Emperor being a place rather than a person seems to substantiate struck a chord.What kind of chord?Seldon move his head. Im still thinking. I may be all wrong. His glance at Dors sharpened, his eyes coming into focus. In any case, we ought to go down and concord break prompt. Were late and I dont think schoolmarm Tisalver is in a good enough humor to have it brought in for us.You optimist, tell Dors. My own mental picture is that shes not in a good enough humor to unavoidableness us to stay-brea kfast or not. She hopes us out of here.That may be, but were nonrecreational her.Yes, but I suspect she hates us enough by now to scorn our credits.Perhaps her husband allow feel a bit more affectionate concerning the rent.If he has a single word to say, Hari, the only person who would be more surprised than me to hear it would be tart Tisalver.-Very well, Im progress to.And they moved down the stairs to the Tisalver portion of the apartment to induce the noblewoman in question hold for them with less than breakfast-and with considerably more too.78.Casilia Tisalver stood ramrod straight with a tight smile on her round face and her disgraceful eyes glinting. Her husband was leaning moodily once against the wall. In the center of the way of life were ii men who were standing stiffly upright, as though they had sight the cushions on the floor but scorned them. twain had the dark lively hair and the chick black mustache to be expected of catjang peaites. Both were thin a nd both were dressed in dark clothes so nearly alike that they were authoritatively uniforms. on that point was thin white shout up and over the shoulders and down the sides of the tubular trouser legs. apiece had, on the right side of his chest, a rather dim Spaceship-and-Sun, the symbol of the Galactic Empire on every inhabited world of the Galaxy, with, in this case, a dark D in the center of the sun.Seldon realized immediately that these were devil members of the Dahlite security forces.Whats all this? say Seldon sternly.One of the men stepped forward. I am Sector military officeholder Lanel Russ. This is my pardner, Gebore Astinwald.Both presented glittering identification holo-tabs. Seldon didnt bother looking at them. What it is you expect?Russ said calmly, Are you Hari Seldon of Helicon?I am.And are you Dors Venabili of Cinna, Mistress?I am, said Dors.Im here to investigate a mission that one Hari Seldon instigated a riot yesterday.I did no such thing, said Seldon .Our information is, said Russ, looking at the screen of a excellent computer pad, that you acc employ a newsman of being an Imperial agent, thusly instigating a riot against him.Dors said, It was I who said he was an Imperial agent, Officer. I had reason to think he was. It is surely no crime to impart ones opinion. The Empire has freedom of speech.That does not cover an opinion deliberately pass on in order to instigate a riot.How can you say it was, Officer?At this point, Mistress Tisalver interposed in a shrill voice, I can say it, Officer. She saying there was a crowd present, a crowd of gutter people who were just looking for trouble. She deliberately said he was an Imperial agent when she knew vigor of the shield and she shouted it to the crowd to foment them up. It was plain that she knew what she was doing.Casilia, said her husband pleadingly, but she cast one look at him and he said no more.Russ turned to Mistress Tisalver. Did you charge the complaint, Mistress?Y es. These 2 have been living here for a a twin of(prenominal) days and theyve done nothing but make trouble. Theyve invited people of low reputation into my apartment, damaging my standing with my neighbors.Is it against the practice of law, Officer, asked Seldon, to invite break up, quiet citizens of Dahl into ones deject on? The both rooms upstairs are our rooms. We have rented them and they are paid for. Is it a crime to speak to Dahlites in Dahl, Officer?No, it is not, said Russ. That is not part of the complaint. What gave you reason, Mistress Venabili, to suppose the person you so accused was, in fact, an Imperial agent?Dors said, He had a small brown mustache, from which I concluded he was not a Dahlite. I surmised he was an Imperial agent.You surmised? Your associate, Master Seldon, has no mustache at all. Do you surmise he is an Imperial agent?In any case, said Seldon hastily, there was no riot. We asked the crowd to involve no action against the supposed newsman and Im sure they didnt.Youre sure, Master Seldon? said Russ. Our information is that you left immediately afterwardsward fashioning your accusation. How could you witness what happened after you left?I couldnt, said Seldon, but allow me ask you-Is the man dead? Is the man hurt?The man has been interviewed. He denies he is an Imperial agent and we have no information that he is. He also claims he was handled roughly.He may well be lying in both respects, said Seldon. I would suggest a Psychic Probe.That cannot be done on the victim of a crime, said Russ. The sector government is very firm on that. It might do if you two, as the flagitiouss in this case, from each one underwent a Psychic Probe. Would you like us to do that?Seldon and Dors exchanged glances for a moment, then Seldon said, No, of course not.Of course not, retell Russ with just a tinge of sarcasm in his voice, but youre directy enough to suggest it for someone else. The other officer, Astinwald, who had so far no t said a word, smiled at this. Russ said, We also have information that two days ago you engaged in a stab adjure in Billibotton and badly hurt a Dahlite citizen named-he struck a sack on his computer pad and studied the new page on the screen-Elgin Marron.Dors said, Does your information tell you how the conflict started?That is irrelevant at the moment, Mistress. Do you recant that the labor took place?Of course we dont deny the fight took place, said Seldon hotly, but we deny that we in any way instigated that. We were attacked. Mistress Venabili was seized by this Marron and it was overt he was attempting to rape her. What happened afterward was pure self-defense. Or does Dahl apologise rape?Russ said with very little intonation in his voice, You say you were attacked? By how galore(postnominal)?Ten men.And you alone-with a woman-defended yourself against ten men?Mistress Venabili and I defended ourselves. Yes.How is it, then, that neither of you shows any damage whateve r? Are either of you cut or bruised where it doesnt show right now?No, Officer.How is it, then, that in the fight of one-plus a woman-against ten, you are in no way hurt, but that the complainant, Elgin Marron, has been hospitalized with wounds and go forth require a skin transplant on his upper sass?We fought well, said Seldon grimly.Unbelievably well. What would you say if I told you that three men have testified that you and your friend attacked Marron, unprovoked?I would say that it belies belief that we should. Im sure that Marron has a record as a brawler and knifeman. I tell you that there were ten there. Obviously, six refused to swear to a lie. Do the other three pardon why they did not add to the help of their friend if they witnessed him under unprovoked attack and in danger of his life? It must be lite to you that they are lying.Do you suggest a Psychic Probe for them?Yes. And before you ask, I still refuse to consider one for us.Russ said, We have also received in formation that yesterday, after leaving the scene of the riot, you consulted with one Davan, a known subversive who is wanted by the security police. Is that true?Youll have to prove that without help from us, said Seldon. Were not answering any shape up questions.Russ put away his pad. Im afraid I must ask you to come with us to headquarters for further interrogation.I dont think thats necessary, Officer, said Seldon. We are Outworlders who have done nothing criminal. We have tried to avoid a newsman who was annoying us unduly, we tried to defend ourselves against rape and attainable murder in a part of the sector known for criminal behavior, and weve spoken to various Dahlites. We see nothing there to warrant our further questioning. It would come under the heading of harassment.We make these decisions, said Russ. Not you. allow you please come with us?No, we will not, said Dors.Watch out cried out Mistress Tisalver. Shes got two knives.Officer Russ sighed and said, Thank you , Mistress, but I know she does. He turned to Dors. Do you know its a serious crime to carry a knife without a permit in this sector? Do you have a permit?No, Officer, I dont.It was all the way with an illegal knife, then, that you assaulted Marron? Do you realize that that greatly increases the seriousness of the crime?It was no crime, Officer, said Dors. Understand that. Marron had a knife as well and no permit, I am certain.We have no evidence to that effect and while Marron has knife wounds, neither of you have any.Of course he had a knife, Officer. If you dont know that every man in Billibotton and most men elsewhere in Dahl carry knives for which they probably dont have permits, then youre the only man in Dahl who doesnt know. There are shops here wherever you turn that sell knives airfoilly. Dont you know that?Russ said, It doesnt matter what I know or dont know in this respect. Nor does it matter whether other people are prisonbreak the law or how many of them do. All th at matters at this moment is that Mistress Venabili is breaking the anti-knife law. I must ask you to give up those knives to me right now, Mistress, and the two of you must then accompany me to headquarters.Dors said, In that case, take my knives away from me.Russ sighed. You must not think, Mistress, that knives are all the weapons there are in Dahl or that I need engage you in a knife fight. Both my partner and I have blasters that will destroy you in a moment, before you can drop your hands to your knife hilt-however fast you are. We wont use a blaster, of course, because we are not here to kill you. However, each of us also has a neuronic dress down, which we can use on you freely. I hope you wont ask for a demonstration. It wont kill you, do you constant harm of any kind, or leave any marks-but the pain is excruciating. My partner is holding a neuronic whip on you right now. And here is mine.-Now, let us have your knives, Mistress Venabili.There was a moments suspension and then Seldon said, Its no use, Dors. Give him your knives.And at that moment, a frantic dog pound sounded at the door and they all heard a voice brocaded in high-pitched expostulation.79. Raych had not entirely left the neighborhood after he had walked them back to their apartment house.He had eaten well while waiting for the interview with Davan to be done and later had slept a bit after mustering a bathroom that more or less worked. He really had no place to go now that all that was done. He had a home of sorts and a mother who was not likely to be perturbed if he stayed away for a while. She never was.He did not know who his father was and wondered sometimes if he really had one. He had been told he had to have one and the reasons for that had been explained to him crudely enough. Sometimes he wondered if he ought to believe so peculiar a story, but he did go back the details titillating. He thought of that in connection with the lady. She was an old lady, of course, but she w as pretty and she could fight like a man-better than a man. It filled him with vague notions.And she had offered to let him take a bath. He could swim in the Billibotton pool sometimes when he had some credits he didnt need for anything else or when he could snatch in. Those were the only times he got wet all over, but it was cayenne and he had to wait to get dry.Taking a bath was different. There would be hot piddle, soap, towels, and warm air. He wasnt sure what it would feel like, shut that it would be dainty if she was there.He was walkway-wise enough to know of places where he could pose himself in an bowling alley off a walkway that would be near a bathroom and still be near enough to where she was, notwithstanding where he probably wouldnt be constitute and made to run away. He spent the night thinking strange thoughts. What if he did learn to read and write? Could he do something with that? He wasnt sure what, but peradventure they could tell him. He had vague ideas of being paid money to do things he didnt know how to do now, but he didnt know what those things might be. He would have to be told, but how do you get told?If he stayed with the man and the lady, they might help. But why should they want him to stay with them?He drowsed off, coming to later, not because the light was brightening, but because his sharp ears caught the heightening and increase of sounds from the walkway as the activities of the day began.He had learned to identify almost every variety of sound, because in the underground maze of Billibotton, if you wanted to pass with even a minimum of comfort, you had to be aware of things before you precept them. And there was something about the sound of a ground-car motor that he now heard that signaled danger to him. It had an official sound, a hostile sound. He move himself awake and stole lightly toward the walkway. He scarcely needed to see the Spaceship-and-Sun on the ground-car. Its lines were enough. He knew they had to be coming for the man and the lady because they had seen Davan.He did not pause to question his thoughts or to analyze them. He was off on a run, beating his way through the gathering life of the day. He was back in less than fifteen minutes. The ground-car was still there and there were curious and cautious onlookers gazing at it from all sides and from a venerating distance. There would soon be more. He pounded his way up the stairs, trying to remember which door he should bang on. No time for the elevator. He found the door-at least he thought he did-and he banged, yelling in a squeak, Lady LadyHe was too frenetic to remember her name, but he remembered part of the mans.Hari he shouted. Let me in.The door opened and he rushed in-tried to rush in. The rough hand of an officer seized his arm. Hold it, kid. Where do you think youre going?Leggo I aint done nothin. He looked about. Hey, lady, whatre they doin?Arresting us, said Dors grimly.What for? said Raych, panting and atte mpt. Hey, leggo, you Sunbadger. Dont go with him, lady. You dont have to go with him.You get out, said Russ, shaking the boy vehemently.No, I aint, You aint either, Sunbadger. My whole inner circle is coming. You aint gettin out, lessn you let these guys go.What whole gang? said Russ, frowning.Theyre right outside now. Probly takin your ground-car apart. And theyll take yore apart.Russ turned toward his partner, Call headquarters. Have them send out a couple of trucks with Macros.No shrieked Raych, breaking loose and rushing at Astinwald. Dont callRuss leveled his neuronic whip and fired.Raych shrieked, grasped at his right shoulder, and fell down, wriggling madly. Russ had not yet turned back to Seldon, when the latter, seizing him by the wrist, pushed the neuronic whip up in the air and then around and behind, while stamping on his foot to keep him relatively motionless. Hari could feel the shoulder dislocate, even while Russ emitted a hoarse, agonized yell. Astinwald raised his blaster quickly, but Dorss left arm was around his shoulder and the knife in her right hand was at his throat.Dont move she said. Move a millimeter, any part of you, and I cut you through your neck to the spine.-Drop the blaster. Drop it And the neuronic whip.Seldon deplumateed up Raych, still moaning, and held him tightly. He turned to Tisalver and said, There are people out there. Angry people. Ill have them in here and theyll break up everything youve got. Theyll smash the walls. If you dont want that to happen, pick up those weapons and throw them into the next room. Take the weapons from the security officer on the door and do the same. Quickly Get your wife to help. Shell think doubly next time before sending in complaints against innocent people.-Dors, this one on the floor wont do anything for a while. Put the other one out of action, but dont kill him.Right, said Dors. Reversing her knife, she struck him hard on the skull with the haft. He went to his knees.She made a fac e. I hate doing that.They fired at Raych, said Seldon, trying to mask his own sick feeling at what had happened.They left the apartment hurriedly and, once out on the walkway, found it choked with people, almost all men, who raised a shout when they saw them emerge. They pushed in close and the smell of poorly washed humanity was overpowering. psyche shouted, Where are the Sunbadgers?Inside, called out Dors piercingly. Leave them alone. Theyll be helpless for a while, but theyll get reinforcements, so get out of here fast.What about you? came from a xii throats.Were getting out too. We wont be back.Ill take care of them, shrilled Raych, struggling out of Seldons arms and standing on his feet. He was rubbing his right shoulder madly. I can walk. Lemme past.The crowd opened for him and he said, Mister, lady, come with me. Fast They were accompanied down the walkway by several dozen men and then Raych suddenly gestured at an opening and muttered, In here, folks. Ill pitch shot ya to a place no one will ever stick ya. Even Davan probly dont know it. Only thing is, we got to go through the toilet levels. No one will see us there, but its sort of stinky know what I mean(a)?I imagine well survive, muttered Seldon.And down they went along a narrow spiraling ramp and up rose the mephitic odors to greet them.80.Raych found them a hiding place. It had meant climbing up the metal rungs of a ladder and it had led them to a large loftlike room, the use of which Seldon could not imagine. It was filled with equipment, bulky and silent, the function of which also remained a mystery. The room was reasonably new and free of dust and a steady compose of air wafted through that prevented the dust from settling and-more important seemed to lessen the odor.Raych seemed pleased. Aint this nice? he demanded. He still rubbed his shoulder now and then and winced when he rubbed too hard.It could be worse, said Seldon. Do you know what this place is used for, Raych?Raych shrugged o r began to do so and winced. I dunno, he said. Then he added with a touch of swagger, Who cares?Dors, who had sat down on the floor after brushing it with her hand and then looking suspiciously at her palm, said, If you want a guess, I think this is part of a complex that is involved in the detoxification and recycling of wastes. The stuff must surely end up as fertilizer.Then, said Seldon gloomily, those who run the complex will be down here periodically and may come at any moment, for all we know.I been here before, said Raych. I never saw no one here.I suppose Trantor is heavily automated wherever assertable and if anything calls for automation it would be this treatment of wastes, said Dors. We may be safe for a while.Not for long. Well get hungry and thirsty, Dors.I can get food and water for us, said Raych. Ya got to know how to make out if youre an alley kid.Thank you, Raych, said Seldon absently, but right now Im not hungry. He sniffed. I may never be hungry again.You will be, said Dors, and even if you lose your appetite for a while, youll get thirsty. At least elimination is no problem. Were practically living over what is clearly an open sewer.There was silence for a while. The light was dim and Seldon wondered why the Trantorians didnt keep it dark altogether. But then it occurred to him that he had never encountered true swarthiness in any public area. It was probably a habit in an energy-rich society. Strange that a world of forty billion should be energy-rich, but with the internal heat of the planet to draw upon, to say nothing of solar energy and nuclear fusion plants in space, it was. In fact, come to think of it, there was no energy-poor planet in the Empire. Was there a time when technology had been so primitive that energy poverty was possible? He leaned against a system of pipes through which-for all he knew-sewage ran. He force away from the pipes as the thought occurred to him and he sat down next to Dors.He said, Is there any way w e can get in touch with Chetter Hummin?Dors said, As a matter of fact, I did send a message, though I hated to.You hated to?My orders are to protect you. Each time I have to get in touch with him, it heart and soul Ive failed.Seldon regarded her out of narrowed eyes. Do you have to be so compulsive, Dors? You cant protect me against the security officers of an entire sector.I suppose not. We can disable a few-I know. We did. But theyll send out reinforcements armored ground-cars neuronic waist sleeping mist. Im not sure what they have, but theyre going to throw in their entire armory. Im sure of it.Youre probably right, said Dors, her mouth tightening.They wont find ya, lady, said Raych suddenly. His sharp eyes had moved from one to the other as they talked. They never find Davan.Dors smiled without joy and ruffled the boys hair, then looked at the palm of her hand with a little dismay. She said, Im not sure if you ought to stay with us, Raych. I dont want them finding you.They wo nt find me and if I leave ya, wholl get ya food and water and wholl find ya new hidin places, so the Sunbadgersll never know where to look?No, Raych, theyll find us. They dont really look too hard for Davan. He annoys them, but I suspect they dont take him seriously. Do you know what I mean?You mean hes just a pain in the the neck and they figure he aint worth chasing all over the lot.Yes, thats what I mean. But you see, we hurt two of the officers very badly and theyre not going to let us get away with that. If it takes their whole force-if they have to sweep through every concealed or unused corridor in the sector-theyll get us.Raych said, That makes me feel like like natinn. If I didnt run in there and get zapped, ya wouldnt have taken out them officers and ya wouldnt be in such trouble.No, sooner or later, wed have-uh-taken them out. Who knows? We may have to take out a few more.Well, ya did it beautiful, said Raych. If I hadnt been aching all over, I couldve watched more and enjoyed it.Seldon said, It wouldnt do us any good to try to fight the entire security system. The question is What will they do to us once they have us? A prison sentence, surely.Oh no. If necessary, well have to entreaty to the Emperor, put in Dors.The Emperor? said Raych, wide-eyed. You know the Emperor?Seldon waved at the boy. Any Galactic citizen can orison to the Emperor.-That strikes me as the wrong thing to do, Dors. Ever since Hummin and I left the Imperial Sector, weve been evading the Emperor.Not to the extent of being thrown into a Dahlite prison. The Imperial appeal will serve as a delay-in any case, a diversion-and mayhap in the course of that delay, we can think of something else.Theres Hummin.Yes, there is, said Dors uneasily, but we cant consider him the do-it-all. For one thing, even if my message reached him and even if he was able to rush to Dahl, how would he find us here? And, even if he did, what could he do against the entire Dahlite security force?In that ca se, said Seldon. Were going to have to think of something we can do before they find us.Raych said, If ya follow me, I can keep ya ahead of them. I know every place there is around here.You can keep us ahead of one person, but therell be a great many, wretched down any number of corridors. Well escape one group and better into another.They sat in uncomfortable silence for a good while, each confronting what seemed to be a hopeless situation. Then Dors Venabili stirred and said in a tense, low whisper, Theyre here. I hear them.For a while, they strained, listening, then Raych sprang to his feet and hissed, They comin that way. We gotta go this way.Seldon, confused, heard nothing at all, but would have been content to depone the others superior hearing, but even as Raych began moving hastily and quietly away from the direction of the approaching tread, a voice rang out utter against the sewer walls. Dont move. Dont move.And Raych said, Thats Davan. Howd he know we were here?Davan? said Seldon. Are you sure?Sure Im sure. Hell help.81.Davan asked, What happened?Seldon felt minimally relieved. Surely, the addition of Davan could scarcely count against the expert force of the Dahl Sector, but, then again, he commanded a number of people who might create enough confusion.He said, You should know, Davan. I suspect that many of the crowd who were at Tisalvers place this morning were your people.Yes, a number were. The story is that you were being arrested and that you manhandled a squadron of Sunbadgers. But why were you being arrested?Two, said Seldon, lifting two fingers. Two Sunbadgers. And thats bad enough. Part of the reason we were being arrested was that we had gone to see you.Thats not enough. The Sunbadgers dont bother with me much as a general thing. He added bitterly, They value me.Maybe, said Seldon, but the woman from whom we rent our rooms account us for having started a riot over the newsman we ran into on our way to you. You know about that. With your people on the scene yesterday and again this morning and with two officers badly hurt, they may well decide to clean out these corridors-and that means you will suffer. I really am sorry. I had no intention or expectation of being the cause of any of this.But Davan shook his head. No, you dont know the Sunbadgers. Thats not enough either. They dont want to clean us up. The sector would have to do something about us if they did. Theyre only too happy to let us rot in Billibotton and the other slums. No, theyre after you. What have you done?Dors said impatiently, Weve done nothing and, in any case, what does it matter? If theyre not after you and they are after us, theyre going to come down here to flush us out. If you get in the way, youll be in deep trouble.No, not me. I have friends-powerful friends, said Davan. I told you that last night. And they can help you as well as me. When you refused to help us openly, I got in touch with them. They know who you are, Dr. Seldon. Your e a famous man. Theyre in a position to talk to the Mayor of Dahl and see to it that you are left alone, whatever you have done. But youll have to be taken away-out of Dahl.Seldon smiled. Relief flooded over him. He said, You know someone powerful, do you, Davan? Someone who responds at once, who has the ability to talk the Dahl government out of taking drastic steps, and who can take us away? Good. Im not surprised. He turned to Dors, smiling. Its Mycogen all over again. How does Hummin do it?But Dors shook her head. Too quick.-I dont understand.Seldon said, I believe he can do anything.I know him better than you do-and longer-and I dont believe that.Seldon smiled, Dont underestimate him. And then, as though anxious not to linger longer on that subject, he turned to Davan. But how did you find us? Raych said you knew nothing about this place.He dont, shrilled Raych indignantly. This place is all mine. I found it.Ive never been here before, said Davan, looking about. Its an interest ing place. Raych is a corridor creature, perfectly at home in this maze.Yes, Davan, we gathered as much ourselves. But how did you find it?A heat-seeker. I have a device that detects infra-red radiation, the particular thermic pattern that is given off at thirty-seven degrees Celsius. It will respond to the presence of human beings and not to other heat sources. It reacted to you three.Dors was frowning. What good is that on Trantor, where there are human beings everywhere? They have them on other worlds, but-Davan said, But not on Trantor. I know. Except that they are reclaimable in the slums, in the forgotten, decaying corridors and alleyways.And where did you get it? asked Seldon.Davan said, Its enough that I have it.-But weve got to get you away, Master Seldon. Too many people want you and I want my powerful friend to have you.Where is he, this powerful friend of yours?Hes approaching. At least a new thirty-seven-degree source is registering and I dont see that it can be anyone else.Through the door strode a newcomer, but Seldons glad exclamation died on his lips. It was not Chetter Hummin.

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Network security and business

Company X is reputed to be the worlds leading maker and supplier of sportswear (sports shoes and vestments) and sports equipments with its headquarters situated in Oregon, Portland metropolitan argona. The troupe presently diminishd 16 billion US horse worth excess revenue in 2007 only. In the year 2008, that troupe is credited to sire recruited 30,000 employees globally, while at the same time maintaining its locating as the sole grand crown holder of the Fortune calciferol title as far the raise of Oregon is concerned. In this essay, the vulnerabilities go through and through by the companion shall be looked at in respect to engagement security which entails working towards the protection of information that is passed o0r stored through or indoors the information processing system.The guild was founded in 1964 and then later re branded in 1978. The company is so well established that it does non only address its products under its own company name, precisely it as well does so through its subsidiaries. In addition to this, company X alike owns other sports companies. In an effort to realize expansion, company X extended its services to make pass retail stores under its name. As a result of this, the company X has approximately 19,000 retail departments in the US alone. In the same vein, the company sells its products to most 140 countries globally.The company has been traditionally sponsoring sportsmen and women around the globe and has actually distinct logo and slogans. The slogans used by this company unlike those of the swell competitors, made it to the top five slogans of the 20th century, and was accredited for this by the Smithsonian Institution. In 1980, company X had hit the 50% seeet sh ar mark in the the United States, cosmos only 16 years old. The close to recent type of inventions by this company involves the proceeds of new expressive stylels of play shoes which in comparison to their competitors, ar 30% lighter (Ber nstein, 1996).The company seeks to maintain its vibrant market and maintains its upper hand against its competitors by producing products that argon appealing to the tastes of the materialistic youth. The sports wear company produces and sells assortments used in assorted and diverse world of sports sch as basket ball, athletics, golf, American football (rugby), tennis, wrestling, skating, football and skate boarding, among others.The company X having be go on a global entity, also faces many problems that come with expansionism. The troubles touch on cases of workers rights in relation to the profession safety and health matters. These cases ar more distributed in the developing economies than in developed ones.Conversely, there atomic number 18 also issues about accessible responsibility that border on the environmental safety in relation to the production processes and wastes produced by the company. The problem also stretches to its outsourcing vendors, who together with th e company have been challenged by critics to work towards carbon neutrality.Critics have also dismissed as lies the vociferation by the company that it increased the salary scale of its workers by 95%. These critics posit that the company seeks to always exploit its workers, of whom 58% atomic number 18 teen adults aged between 22- 24 years, while 83% of the workers are women. half(prenominal) of these workers in these companies are utter to have gone through their naughty school educational programs. Because few of these people have work tie in skills, critics maintain, the subsidiaries of company X are reported to be using this state of affairs to exploit their employees by issuing them very minimal salary (Mc Nab, 2004).Again, it is reported that out of company Xs contract factories, 20% deal in the casual production of of the products. These factories are always bedeviled by cases of harassment and hollo (of which the company has moved in to sort out the situation by li aising with the Global Alliance in order to review the first twenty dollar bill one of the most nonorious factories. The company also stick up the prescribed code of conduct so as to inculcate social responsibility among the workers.Spates of continual human rights abuse nevertheless continued to persist. In Indonesia for example, 30.2% of the workers of company X are reported to have been victims of exploitation. 56% of these workers are said to have undergone verbal abuse. In about the same spectrum, 7.8% are reported to have succumbed to unwanted sexual comments, while 3.3% are said to have been abused physically. In Pakistan, the matter deteriorated to cases of child abuse and the swig of child labor. For instance, in the same country, the issue came to the global attention when pictures were displayed, depiction children knitting football which were to be then sold by this company. some other matter that haunts this company X is the protection of information, or commonly ca lled by the corporate world and the computer science and management as cyberspace security. Of recent developments, concerns over privacy have soared, and become subject to habitual furore and debates when it was found out by security experts after conducting a research in the University of Washington, that company Xs iPod sport kit had the ability to interbreed people . Initially, the surveillance system that works through the companys iPod sports kit had been designed to allow the user (mainly the sports person) of this facility to take note of the calories that have been burned, the speed, the standoffishness covered and the time dispensed when undertaking sports activities.The kit was fitted with a vector that was designed to be stuck on the shoes and the iPods transmitter. The tracking is made realiz equal by the fact that the transmitter relays particular ID. Although the problem first seemed lower-case letter due to the fact that the information could only be accessed from a 60 feet away shoe, yet it was found out later that more problems, it seemed would set in since the surveillance or tracking system was then supply to the Google maps (Sloot, 2003).In order to bring in ameliorations in this matter, comprehensive laws are being proposed so that company X and its counterparts who use these systems can be forced to beef up security into the models- a bank bill which these companies are ignoring. Some related speculations are also rife that the companys retailing contractors are using the RFID tags for tracking their consignments and keeping track of the stock market. This problem is snake in the grass headed since apart from the obvious fact that this may scare away emf customers, it still has exposed the company to anti company X campaigns which have widely been activated and managed by the Caspian organization in the US.Customers will jump away from the products since the communication system of the company X seems to have been compromised in its CIA (confidentiality, law and availability) of information security. Confidentiality portends that only the permitted authorities access information, while integrity ensures that information stays only in spite of appearance the precincts of the authorized handlers. Availability on the other hand demands that those who are authorized access information are be able to so do efficiently and quickly. The external leaking in and out of confidential information can be very costly and should always be avoidedCompany X is working out to remedy this problem. On 5th March 2008, in Oregon, it held a meeting in which the departmental heads and subsidiary representatives met, and analyzed the extent of the vulnerability (they had already come into the board meeting, having known the nature, and the extent of the risk). As an immediate contingency, company X decided that it was going to suspend the sale of the iPod transmitters as a measure to instill risk avoidance.Having also become aware that there was also the danger of information systems being invaded by hackers, (as was seen in the 31st July, 2007 when in Pakistan tens of its computers succumbed), consensus was arrived at that all computer systems in the organizations adopt the man- in- between proficiency by adopting the firewall computer security system that will be able to detect the nature of the on coming information.On another front, the company X agreed that it was to globally look at its wireless meshworking the applied science that the supports the connectivity of each computer to a specific network or networks. This does not portend coming up with a new system of networking, but bolstering the configurations and the security systems. New and stronger RAMs( Random Access Memory ) were bought and have already been set in place. This will ensure that the roiter system within the companys sweep of jurisdictions are very strong and very fast in observe anomalies (Raquet and Saxe, 2005).The compu ter technicians in company X suggested that the leaking of the companys secret information could be due to the fact that the computer connectivity in Pakistan could have been in the clean mode configuration. These technicians elaborated that open computer mode connectivity allows anyone even without the twist to access information from an open mode configured computer. The situations becomes more susceptible in the present day due to the portability of the computers (laptops and palm tops).Open mode wireless computers have a preset name that makes the computer to, on being turned on, start broadcasting packets which prompt all wireless devices within the precincts about the availability of connectivity (Albanese and Sonnenreich, 2003). However, should the computers be switched on to closed configuration, the lighthouse packets are no longer broadcasted by the access point.It was also observed that although the headquarters were already filtered, yet not all of the subsidiaries were. It is an this backdrop that the computer technicians under the aegis of the companys information and technology department recommended that the Wireless encoding Protocol (WEP) be introduced to ward off even the most modern hackers. Wireless Encryption Protocol ensure that the entropy that is being relayed is not in the readable format, but instead, it becomes only readable after being decoded in a backward manner on being received. This leaves the information unreadable on being captured in between transition since the data is still encoded. The hacker is frustrated unless in possession of the knowledge about the original address.Conclusion.As a concept, network security is very all important(predicate) in the realization of a companys secret information. Good and comprehensive network security keeps secret information from flowing outwards to unwanted parties, while at the same time, enabling efficient flow of information within an enterprise. The systems of communicati on ( the hardware, the software and the orgware ) is also adequately protected.Company X would accrue higher returns if it enhanced all of its network security systems within its disposal.References.Albanese, J. and Sonnenreich, W. (2003). Illustrations on network security.US Mc Graw Hill.Bernstein, T. (1996). Internet security designed for stemma.US Wiley.Mc Nab, C. (2004). Assessment of network security.US O Rielley.Raquet, C. and Saxe, W. (2005). Advocacy and governance of business network security.US Cisco Press.Sloot, P. (2003). International conference of computational science.

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General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level

READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST If you have been devoted an Answer Booklet, follow the instructions on the front cover of the Booklet. drop a line your Centre number, candidate number and hold on all the playact you hand in. Write in dark blue or discolor pen. Do not use staples, newspaper newspaper publisher clips, highlighters, glue or chastening fluid. NB Remember that variance 1 and Section 2 of this paper are worth the same number of marks, so you should divide your fourth dimension carefully between them. Answer both Section 1 and Section 2. At the end of the examination, fasten all your work securely together.This schedule consists of 3 printed pages and 1 blank page. DC (CW) 45353/2 UCLES 2012 Turn over 2 Section 1 Directed Writing You are advised to indite between 200 and 300 words. Total marks for this part 30. toil Your best friend, who is a popular member of your class and the captain of the sports club, is leave your school to move overseas. On your friends l ast solar day at school you have been asked by your teacher, Mr. Johnson, to make a barbarism to your classmates wishing your friend goodbye and good luck.Write your speech. You must include the undermentioned the name of your riend and where your friend is going why your friend is moving what you and your classmates exit miss roughly your friend. Cover all three points above in detail. You should make sure your speech is friendly and contains wishes for a successful future. lay out your speech, Mr. Johnson and friends UCLES 2012 1123/11/M/J/12 3 Section 2 Creative Writing Begin your answer on a white page. Write on one of the following topics. At the head of your rise put the number of the topic you have chosen. You are advised to compose between 350 and 500 words.Total marks for this part 30. 1 Describe just about of the different members of the crowd present at an entertainment event. (Remember that you are describing the populate and not telling the story of the e vent. ) 2 Young people should attend their elders without question. What is your view? 3 Write a story which includes the sentence You essential me to lead the group but I dont recover I have the right qualities. 4 Promises. 5 Write about an occasion when a group of neighbours turned against a local official. UCLES 2012 1123/11/M/J/12 4 BLANK PAGEPermission to reproduce items where third-party have material protected by copyright is included has been sought and alter where possible. Every reasonable effort has been made by the publisher (UCLES) to signature copyright holders, but if any items requiring clearance have unwittingly been included, the publisher will be pleased to make amends at the earliest possible opportunity. University of Cambridge International Examinations is part of the Cambridge Assessment Group. Cambridge Assessment is the brand name of University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES), which is itself a department of the University of Camb ridge.

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Where Have All the Booklovers Gone?

here Have All the Bookl e very(prenominal)wheres Gone? Where wee-wee All the Book Lovers gone? By William B. Ongsitco (www. thenewstoday. info, September 11, 2008) In my conversations with p bents in the school where I work, one of the favorite topics is fostering among the infantile commonwealth the make do for discipline. For to the highest degree of them, this is a real concern. In a genesis saturated by iPods, online games, and media blitz, it is not surprising to see oblige lovers acquiring lesser and lesser. But wait, does it really pay to be a young version aficionado? Ah, theres no doubt round it.Ask some(prenominal) teacher who has taught for at least a year and he can assure you that book lovers have a cutting edge that helps them a not bad(p) deal out in accomplishing their academic demands. For educators, it is a fact that wide fileers do much(prenominal) better in school compared with those who simply pick up their school text books because theres going to be an exam the next day. Its very interesting how some parents managed to raise small frys who take great enjoy in discipline. Here are some of their secrets. Read to your kids.Smart parents start reading to their children as soon as the latter can appreciate stories. And they read to them whenever theres an opportunity. They recite to their kids stories, kiddy poems, limericks and even off the particular words on candy wrappers. While riding in a jeepney or a bus, they unlock to their children the meanings of the words they see around the city-on stores, buildings, hotels, and many an(prenominal) more. In this way, young children begin to see the wonders behind the words they clangour everyday. It is important however that when we read stories to children, we do it with theatrical enthusiasm and gestures.Children go forth love reading if they see that those who know how to read take delight in doing so. Allow yourself to be seen reading by your children. Kids thrive in examples. This is a principle that all parents have seen in their own children. In fact this is how very young kids assimilate language- by unconscious imitation. And if a child sees that father and mother regularly spend some condemnation reading everyday, the chance that the child would pick up the habit of reading is much greater compared with a child who seldom sees his parents going over a literature.Habitual reading then is something well worth acquiring on the part of the parents even if only to help their children develop early love for books and magazines. Tell your kids about the latest book youre reading. It is indeed a great idea to share them the latest stories weve read. When children see that books are sources of awesome info, their reading interest is heightened. And there are countless of opportunities for the sharing. One can do this while taking a meal, strolling on a beach, or even while doing a chore with a child.By the way, it would be good for parents to read about matters that interest their children. For instance, if a male child is very curious about dinosaurs, it is advisable that parents read up on this topic and tell their kid that they have gotten the information from a certain book. It is almost sure that the boy impart pick up that book to satisfy all his curiosities about dinosaurs. Have plenty of interesting and good books at home. While any printed materials can help children learn how to read, it is much better to expose them to value-laden books and magazines.In this way, we expunge two birds with one stone- they learn to read and they get to know what is good and what is wrong. Parents have to be extra careful with the reading materials that penetrate their homes. so far the seemingly innocuous teen magazines may actually contain information that can undermine the values you teach your children. Likewise, let us fall out again in mind the interest of the children as we select the books we will display at home. R egulate television viewing and playing of picture games.This last advice is really crucial. Habitual reading of books and addiction to TV or video games are incompatible. Children who are a great deal found riveted to their television get along or whose only delight is spending hours and hours playing computer games often find it very difficult to develop the habit of reading. The explanation is very simple. Most of the kiddy shows such as cartoons do not encourage prolong concentration on children. Many of the programs we see on TV are simply there to give pure entertainment.Unlike reading which often requires focus, vigorous thinking and effort to imagine, most of the TV programs simply require resistless viewing. Much of the information are transmitted through flashy images and excite sounds. And when kids are used to getting information in this way, and sure adequate video games are included in this category, then they find reading really boring. All these practical advic e my require parents to change some of their ad hominem habits. But considering the great benefits they could bring to the whole family, altering some of our practices is sure enough worth all the effort.

Career Self-Reflection Essay

medical exam regulatory and legal compliance be important areas of health records guidance. regard how deeply you might be interested in overseeing these aspects of longanimous data in your professional work.From what you have learned about compliance issues so far, amplylight the choices that best reflect your career interests and explain your reasons1. I would have intercourse the authority for seeing that documents within patient files are complete, legible, and organized appropriately. h whizst aline Falsebecause There are times when patient records are unreadable and there should be someone with the ability to go backside over the records and make sure that the doctor can read the reading fork upd.2. I would screw the authority for ensuring that patient files are filed accurately. True True Falsebecause Patient files should be filed in an appropriate manner to provide easy access to the doctor or others that need to know scarcely where the fiule is at any given ti me.3. I would enjoy the authority for ontogeny procedures to track and circulate medical records effectively. True true Falsebecause I have provided feedback at my place of employment on tracking procedures for patient files because there have been several times when the doctor has come flavor for a chart and no one knew where the chart was or who had it and that is not appropriate.4. I would enjoy the authority for training office employees to follow records management standards. True true Falsebecause I have been proctor for my bronco buster employees on several occasions and I enjoy watching them turn in their positions.5. I would enjoy the authority for keeping up with changes in filing policies and compliance standards. True true Falsebecause I would enjoy the filing policies but the compliance standards are a different story. I have showd several times I believe state inspectors should have to work in a nursing facility for one week before they set some of their standards because some of them have no clue what goes on in a nursing facility on a daily basis.6. I would enjoy the authority for investigating reports of hazard violations of policies and standards. True true Falsebecause I am very wild about privacy. Patient rights and patient privacy should be held in high regard. Not everyone needs to know a patients business.

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Wired Communication Media

compend Tons of entropy is contractable on day to day backside from adept point to an early(a). entropy comes in all heterogeneous forms, carnal and virtual. All un deal application comes with assorted requirements for information imparting. there is loads of selective information sitting at one place that needs to transmitted for various different purposes So, at that place is a definite need of communicate entropy. Author in this paper is attempting to address all the possible accessible wires and cables in the fit discourse media for transmittance.Author will also be analyzing their history, invention, types, categories, applications, advantages and separates of the transmission system channel useable. Keywords Data, Signals, Wires, Cables, ? Introduction Communication has been around since the beginning of the mankind in one form of an otherwise. Its existence is been recognized crimson before bollock language came was formed. People chip in been commun icating with various different vocal indications, signals and gestures. Almost all organization in the world relies on info and signals in some form of the other to run their unfluctuating operations and accomplish their goals.Data comes in all forms physical and virtual. Businesses need data, its transmission and storage for smooth functioning. The principal(prenominal) concern is transmission of virtual data from one machine to a nonher. This raise be for various discrete reasons such(prenominal) as read- still, modifications and updating. Thus, a reliable means of communication is ask for transfer of data (William &038 Sawyer, 2007). in that respect atomic number 18 plenty different kinds of communication media (channels) soon employ to satisfy the growing needs of battalion. Communication media is largely change integrity into two groups wired media (conducting media) and wireless media.Wired media hand overs a path for the signal through wires (optical fiber is al so included). It was the wired communication media which pioneered in transforming the way the people talked to one another over greater distances or through formerly impenetrable barriers. In wireless media, the communication medium is either atm or the atmosphere or space through which the signal works. Although the watercourse trends atomic number 18 increasingly moving towards use of wireless communication systems unless wired systems ar still as elevant as they possibly have been be causa wires still an important element in achieving full(prenominal) speeds for both data and signal fag end either running(a) or digital. (Ray &038 Acharya, 2004). Need for Data Transfer In todays data driven world, there is no cap on form or type of teaching that needs to be shared between employees, business partners and clients. Organizations just grassnot combine whateverone to handle their most sensitive data. Thus, a secured passage for data transmission from one device to ano ther is certainly critical.Data usually is collection of a lot of forms of information which needs to be stored and maintained for several as per needed purposes. It is normally stored on disks and tapes notwithstanding when it needs to transmitted it needs to be converted into signals for transfer. In order for the traveling signals to transmit, there are different types of media available to facilitate communication. A type of them, wired media are briefly explained in the fol ruggeding section of this paper (Kittler , 1996). Wired Communication Media Wires and CablesWired communication media typically refers to data transmission over a wire ground communication engineering science. Wired communication generally refers to physical cabling within a network where the signals are transmitted onto the physical medium i. e. wires. These wires are no languisher do up of metal, but grouch. These are also called as conducting transmission technologies such as telephone network, internet access, cable boob subway and fiber optic communication. Electromagnetism which is wave guide used for senior lofty power applications is also considered as wired line.Alternatively, transmissions of data which dont rely on wires (cables) are considered as wireless communication technologies (William &038 Sawyer, 2007). There are several different conducting transmission technologies presently available for data transmission. Network requirement for each application provoke be different, so choosing the right type of transmittal media is precise crucial. The different conducting media are discussed as be commencement Twisted pair wire It was invented by Alexander whole meal flour Bell in 1988. A move pair wire is made up of a pair of conducting copper wires twisted with each other over nsulation. The number of twisted pair wires within the out insulant varies. The reason its called twisted wire because the two wires are insulated to go on wire crossing are prima rily twisted together. The twist and the out insulation help to reduce lines from not only crossing and meddlesome with each other but also regulate the self and vulgar induction. When two wires are running parallel to each other carrying a signal, the possibility of induction between them increases. When you hear elses conversation duration being on phone with your friend is a perfect pattern of it.This is called as crosstalk due to inductions. Such crosstalk is very low in lines passing perpendicular to each other. Thus, lines are twisted to debar running parallel to each other as perpendicular is quite a impossible. There are 7 different types of twisted pair wires available which are further split into 7 categorized which are exposit as follows CAT 1 Basically used to transmit analog voices. Provides speeds up to 1 Mbps. There used over the years has lessen drastically. CAT 2 It is almost identical to CAT- 1, but has slightly bankrupt performance in terms of attenu ation.This kind can transmit data up to 4 Mbps. CAT 3 It provides speed up to 10 Mbps but the signal attenuates after distance of snow meters. To mitigate this problem, a repeater can be used to transmit data over 100 meters with low attenuation. CAT- 4 It provides speed up to 20 Mbps but they can transmit data only within 100 meters without practically attenuation. CAT- 5 With greater number of twisted pairs, they can transmit data at 100 Mbps providing much cleanse quality of wires as compared to previous versions. CAT- 5e They can transmit data at 125 Mbps but can support up to 1000 Mbps on certain cases. CAT- 6 Their personify is almost same as prior categories but can provide speeds up to 200 Mbps. CAT- 7 These category wires are heavily screen but are rarely used because of their exceptional high costs. They can support higher speeds of 600 Mbps. Twisted pair wires can also further be classified into shielded twisted pair and the unshielded twisted pair. Shielded twisted pair carries an extra shield of insulation on top to avoid any foreign induction. All of the categories except CAT- 7 are available in both types.The reason CAT- 7 only comes in shielded form only due to its exceptionally high number of twists. It is been estimated that only a whole twisted pair wires can demote serve a local area network of 100 meter range, being cost effective. Applications can be Computer networking Ethernet cabling video applications such as security cameras Telephone lines ? coaxal Cable Coaxial cable was initially founded in 1929 but first used by AT&038T in 1940. It consists of single copper wire which is adjoin by at least three layer containing an insulating material, braided wired and plastic coating.It conducts electric signals via an intimate conductor also called as main conductor usually made up of copper or separated copper wire. This main conductor is a straight wire surround by dielectric which actually separates inner main conductor and out er metallic shield. The outer metallic shield is typically made up of from 1 to 4 layers of metallic braid and metallic plate cut down the attenuation by obstructing the outer inducing fields from reaching the inner main conductor. This functionality of coaxal wires allows transmitting analog signals over a handsome range of frequencies.The final third layer protecting main conductor is jacket made usually up of thick plastic material. (Nahin, 2002) occupy refer to emblem 2 in appendix showing a coaxial cable construction with main conductor, dielectric, shield and jacket for better understanding. Coaxial cables are classified into two major categories depending upon the type of data they can transmit. These are Baseband coaxial cable Thin baseband coaxial cables are usually used in local area network connecting computers and central processor computers. They carry one way digital data at speeds up to 10 Mbps. Broadband coaxial cableThick broadband coaxial cables are used to tr ansmit analog signals mainly television signals are used to transmit analog signals. A certain disadvantage is even a small continuous underway along the imperfect hardened shield on any coaxial cable will cause visible or audible interferences. But, there is a major disadvantage using the above discussed two types of coaxial cables that is data theft. Data travelling through these types of wires can easily be trapped. However, fiber optic cables can be used to eliminate this problem. grapheme Optic Cable Fiber optic has made tremendous technological advances to transmit information in the last decade.Telecommunication has been completely revolutionized by this innovated material. The telecommunications currently use electricity, radio or light to send data, images and sound. Fiber optic cable is made up of nothing but a thin glass tube which cover with a plastic shield. It transmits data in form of light pulses or else of sound waves without any interruptions. Since the informa tion is transported in form of light and not electricity, this completely disregards the possibility of degradation of signal and interference due to electrical noise.The photo diode on one cable end produces photons which travel at high speeds up to 100 Gps through the glass tube before it is collected by the photo receptor on the other receiving end of the cable. The fiber optic cable is made up of one or many thin fibers of glass or plastic of 50 to 125 micrometers in diameter which is approximately equivalent to thickness of a hair. It has a cylindrical region called nucleus which allows light propagation and the external zone of coaxial nucleus is called as coating, a plastic like cover. Please refer to figure 3 in the appendix for better understanding.The main advantage of using fiber optic cable is it does not facilitate data tapping and is capable of producing high speeds, over long distances with very low attenuation as compared to other wired cables. For example, it is cap able of transmitting an encyclopedia set equivalent to 40 million words in one second. However, there is some attenuation caused due to reflections and refractions of the photons over the glass tube. Fiber optic cables tend to be expensive but with the accessibility of cheap LEDs and photo diodes, make it much economical. There are basically two types of fiber optic cables Single panache fiber It facilitates data transmission with great speed over long distances. Multi-mode fiber They are further classified into two types oMultimode step-index fiber It is used to transmit data over short distances and in the conventional transfer of training of images. oMultimode grated-index fiber It is optimal medium to transmit data over negociate distances. It has a refractive index of nucleus which gradually moves towards outside from center. Photonic crystallizing Fiber Photonic crystal fibers were founded by the research group of Philip St. J.Russell in the 1990s. They are generally co nstructed with the same methods as optical fibers. It is a honeycomb organise wires where the glass tube containing holes carry light signals 10 times eternal as compared to fiber optic cable (Dr. Paschotta, 2012). Please refer to figure 4a and 4b in appendix for better understanding. Photonic crystal fibers are mainly divided into two major categories Index Guiding fibers which has a solid core. Photonic Bandgap or air guiding fibers which have periodic micro-structured elements and a core of low index material (e. g. ollow core). Applications for photonic crystal fibers include Fiber lasers and amplifiers which include high power devices. Fiber optic sensors of several different kinds. Telecom components such as dispersion control, filtering and switching. Quantum optics. Also for various other purposes such as spectroscopy, metrology, biomedicine, imaging, industrial machining, and military. Conclusion So far in this paper, author showed us the working, application and pros and cons of various wired transmission media. Nobody can adjudicate the right medium on behalf of anybody.It really comes down to speed cost, availability, current system requirement, its integration and future upgrade for growing needs for any particular user. All this requirements are analyzed before any outfit installation is done. Hence, selection of wires according to their functionality plays a very important graphic symbol in constructing a reliable network. Remember Communication technology is unendingly developing and you will always find new stuff for various purposes, so plan and select accordingly. ? References Dr. Paschotta, R. (2012, Sep 20). Photonic crystal fibers. Retrieved from ttp//www. rp-photonics. com/photonic_crystal_fibers. html Kittler , F. (1996). journal of the history of communication media. Arthur and Marilouse Kroker Editors, Retrieved from http//hydra. humanities. uci. edu/kittler/comms. html Nahin, P. J. (2002). Oliver heaviside The life, work, and t imes of an electrical genius of the straightlaced age. New York, NY The John Hopkins University Press. Retrieved from http//books. google. com/books? id=e9wEntQmA0IC&038printsec=frontcover&038source=gbs_ge_summary_r&038cad=0 Ray, A. K. , &038 Acharya, T. (2004). Information technology Principle and applications. 2nd ed. ). New Delhi, India Prentice Hall of India Private Limited. Retrieved from http//books. google. com/books? id=iim25OLcUdYC&038printsec=frontcover William, B. , &038 Sawyer, S. (2007). victimisation information technology. New York, NY The McGraw-Hill create Inc. Retrieved from http//books. google. com/books? id=WsAgAQAAIAAJ&038q=William. B &038 Sawyer. S, 2007. Using Information Technology. The McGraw-Hill Publishing Inc New York). &038dq=William. B &038 Sawyer. S, 2007. Using Information Technology. The McGraw-Hill Publishing Inc New York). &038hl=en&038sa=X&038ei=v1kYUfO7G9Ot0AHJzYDgDw&038ved=0CFYQ6AEwBQ

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Succubus Blues CHAPTER 23

Two, he said after a moments hesitation. average two.Just two, I repeated flatly, thinking oh shit. Is that including you?Yes.I rubbed my temples, wondering how I could rebuke Jerome and Carter that we had two nephilim to deal with now. No cardinal had mentioned that possibility.Someone should give birth cognize that, I muttered, more to myself than to Roman. Someone should strike sensed it there would come been two different nephilim signatures. Thats how Jerome knew it was you. You crap a unique signature no one else has it.No one else, Roman agreed with a smirk, scarce my sister.Oh shit.Jerome didnt mention more than one ah. I blinked in sudden deduceing. Jerome, by his profess admission, hadnt proceedingu bothy been around for the birth. Twins? Or more? The archdemon could have fathered quintuplets for all I knew.Roman shook his head, excuse highly amused at my deductions. Only twins. Just the two of us.So this is a family act then? You two hit the road together , going from t induce to town, wreaking butcheryNothing so glamorous, love. Usually its exactly me. My sister tries to forbid a low profile spends more time on her job and sustenance her life. She doesnt really get caught up in grand machinations.Then howd you round her into this one? Again, I thought ab verboten Eriks words, how most nephilim obviously wished to be left alone.She lives here. In Seattle. Were on her turf, so I talked her into going in on the final crop up with me. She wasnt really into whatsoever of the stuff with the lesser immortals.Except beating on me, I doted bug bulge.I am dispirited about that. I think you pissed her off.I dont in time admit her, I exclaimed, wondering which was worse a nephilim in love with me or a nephilim holding a grudge.He just smiled. I wouldnt be so sure of that. He reached out to touch me, almost casually, and I backed away, making his smile slip. Now whats wrong?What do you think of? You think you can just dump this o n me and then call things to be all peachy between us?Well, wherefore non? Honestly, what have you got left to worry about? I opened my blab out to protest, but he continued before I could speak Ive already told you, Im not going to hurt you or any of your friends. The only(prenominal) mortal left on my list is someone you dont even know or care about. Thats it. End of story.Oh yeah? Whatll happen then? After you kill Carter?He shrugged. Then I leave. Ill find someplace to hang out for a while. Probably teach again. He leaned toward me, holding my gaze. You could come with me, you know.What? find about it. He spoke eagerly, excitement growing with each word. You and me. You could come down down and do all the things you want to do your books, your dancing without any immortal politics to muck your life up.I scoffed. Hardly. Its not worry I can stop being a succubus. I sleek everywhere need sex to survive.Yes, yes, I know youd still have to stigmatize the occasional vi ctim, but think about the times in between. You and me. Together. macrocosm with someone you dont have to worry about hurting. Being with someone simply for the pleasure of it, not for survival. No superiors to harass you about meeting your quotas. lot came to mind just then, case of me idly wondering what itd be handle to be with him just for pleasure.Shifting back to my harsh reality, I told Roman, I cant just run off. Seattle is my post. I have people to answer to they wouldnt let me leave.Cupping my face in his hands, he whispered, Georgina, Georgina. I can nourish you from them. I have the power to hide you. You can live your own life. No more answering to the bureaucracy above. We can be free.Those mesmerizing eye hooked me give care a fish on a line. For centuries, I had lived out immortality achingly alone, bouncing from one short-term relationship to another, remainder any connection that got too deep. Now, Roman was here. I was attracted to him, and I didnt have to push him away. I couldnt hurt him through physical contact. We could be together. We could conflagrate up together. We could live out eternity together. I would never have to be lonely again.Longing surged up within me. I treasured it. Oh theology, I wanted it. I didnt want to hear Jerome chastise me for my all lowlifes, all the time seduction policy. I wanted to come floor and tell someone about my day. I wanted to go out dancing on the weekends. I wanted to take vacations together. I wanted someone to hold me when I was upset, when the ups and downs of the world pushed me too far.I wanted someone to love.His words blazed through me, piercing my heart. I knew, however, they were only that words. timeless existence is a long time we couldnt hide forever. Eventually wed be found, or when Roman finally got destroyed on one of his protest missions, Id be exposed and have a lot of angry demons to answer to. He was offering me a childs dream, an impractical fantasy with a short-li ved, doomed run.Furthermore, cartroad off with Roman meant complying with the outcome of this insane plot of his. Logically, I could understand his angst and desire to lash back. I felt for his sister even if she inexplicably detested me who simply wanted to live an ordinary life. I had sympathisen slaughter and panel over the geezerhood, the extinction of entire populations of people whose names and cultures no one remembered today. To live with that over and over throughout these long millennia, to always be on the run, hiding simply because of an accident of birth yes, perhaps I would be pissed off too.Yet, I still could not see that as sufficient reason for the random killing of immortals, simply to strengthen a point. The fact that I knew these immortals personally made it worse. Carters attitude still unnerved me, yes, but he had saved my life, and my days with him hadnt been unbearable. If anything, Roman should enliven the angel. The nephilims biggest complaint was t hat immortals stayed locked into archaic sets of rules and roles, but Carter had broken the mold an angel who chose knowledge with his hypothetical enemies. He and Jerome typified the kind of rebellious, nonconforming lifestyle so advocated by Roman.Too bad that didnt seem to be enough to dissuade the nephilim. I wondered if I could.No, I told him. I cant do it. And you dont have to do it either.Do what?This plot. Killing Carter. Just let him go. Let it all go. Violence only begets more violence, not peace.Im sorry, love. I cant. Theres no peace for my kind.I reached out and touched his face. You call me that, but do you really mean it? Do you love me?He caught his breath, and I suddenly realized he could be just as hypnotized by my eyes as I was by his. Yes. I do.Then do this for me if you love me. paseo away. Walk away from Seattle. I Ill go with you if you do.I hadnt realized Id meant it until the words flee my lips. Running off was a childs fantasy, true, but it would be wort h it if I could avert what was to come.You mean it?Yes. As long as you can keep me safe.I can keep you safe, butHe stepped away from me and paced around, rails a hand through his hair in consternation.I cant locomote away, he finally told me. Almost anything in the world I would do for you, but not this. You cant imagine what its been like. You think immortalitys been cruel to you? Imagine what its like always running, always watching your back. I have just as much trouble settling down as you. Thank God for my sister. Shes the only one I have, the only mainstay in my life. The only one I loved until you, at least.She can come with usHe closed his eyes. Georgina, when my mother was still alive millennia ago we lived in a camp with some of the other nephilim and their mothers. We were always running, always trying to stay ahead of those pursuing us. One night Ill never draw a blank it. They found us, and I swear, Armageddon itself could never be so terrible. I dont even know w ho did it angels, demons, or whatever. I mean, when it comes down to it, theyre all the same really. bewitching and terrible.Yes, I whispered. Ive seen them.Then you know what they can do. They swept in and just destroyed everyone. It didnt matter who. Nephilim children. Humans. Everyone was considered a liability.But you escaped?Yes. We were lucky. Most werent. He turned back to look at me. His heartache made my eyes burn. Do you see now? Do you see now why I have to do this?You only further the bloodshed.I know, Georgina. For Christs sake, I know. But I have no choice.I saw in his face then that he hated being a part of that bloodshed, part of the same destructive behavior that had haunted his childhood. But I also saw that he was inextricably tied to that. He could not escape it. He had lived too long, so much longer than me. The years of fear and anger and blood had twisted him. He had to see this bouncy played out.Ifight every day to not let the past lay hold of (on me. Som etimes I win, sometimes it does.I have no choice, he repeated, face desperate. But you do. I still want you to come with me when Im done.A choice. Yes, I did have a choice. A choice between him and Carter. Or did I? Was there anything I could do to save Carter at this point? Did I want to save Carter? For all I knew, Carter had slaughtered countless nephilim children over the years in the name of good. Maybe he deserved the penalty Roman wanted to mete out. What were good and evil, really, but stupid categories? soft-witted categories that restricted people and punished or rewarded them based on how they responded to their own natures, natures they really didnt have any way to control.Roman was right. The system was flawed. I just didnt know what to do about it.What I needed was time. m to think about all of this, time to figure out a way that would save angel and nephilim both, if such a feat were possible. I didnt know how to buy that time, though, not with Roman standing there sodding(a) at me, aflame with his romantic notion of running off together.Time. I needed time and had no idea how to get it. I had no powers to help in a situation like this. If Roman distinguishable I was a threat, I would be unable to fight against him. A nephilimcould easily blow one of you out of the water. I could not hale divine strings and contracts like Hugh, had no superhuman reflexes and strength like Cody and Peter. I was a succubus. I changed shape and had sex with men. That was it.That was it