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Multiculturalism - Freedom, Recognition and Authenticity Essay

Multiculturalism - Freedom, citation and Authenticity - Essay ExampleIt is often thought that this is the best framework that would accommodate different split of the population, especially if they come from various cultural, religious or other(a) backgrounds (Appiah 2007, p. 14). Nevertheless, I have considered some of the peculiarities of it and came to a conclusion that that it may be flawed to a certain extent.A. That is exactly what I wanted to mouth about. Do not you, wise men, think that this is too unrealistic? Equal respect is truly a platform that the stability of a diverse alliance rests on, but it is too abstract, especially when it comes to actual cover (Abbey 2000, p. 118).B. Our friend is absolutely right here, equality is something that can hardly be achieved in a society where citizens are different in numerous aspects, starting from the level of income and up to the very place where they live. It is approximately impossible to create equal conditions for ever yone.A. C, my friend, I can see where you are going with this, but I would like to point out that the regime of equal respect, the one that you like so much, is actually stark to difference (Ferrelly 2004, p. 88).B. I fully agree. C, you see, diversity is a factor that is dynamic, it is not static in other words, one can hardly make a set of coordinates that would include all the differences and find harmony between them. In addition to that, acknowledgement of difference requires a constant change with in the societal framework.A. Exactly Do not you see that this is absolutely the opposite of what the system was designed for. The universal screening that you have mentioned relies on one size fits all ideology. In other words, while claiming to respect the difference, this politics actually eliminates it (Fraser & Honneth, 2003, p. 30).B. Indeed, if two groups of people believe in different, sometimes opposite values, do you think that at that place can be a single policy that would unite them. Nevertheless, if the principle of

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Theories of Public Policy and Administration Coursework

Theories of Public Policy and Administration - Coursework ExampleThe founding and supporting theorists go further to claim that emancipator transformation in societies is important bearing the fact that contemporary societal existence fails to address the basic issues needed by the civilized citizens. In a move to modify this theory, the founding theorists of the Critical Social theory hold that life in the modern world is equally irrational as in the postmodern societies. Even with the expansive and increasing democracies in the modern societies, unreason continues to persist as individuals and nations annihilate each other. Social condemnations, unhappiness, servitude, corruption that makes some communities continue in meagerness as other prospers define just but a few characteristics of the modern world that atomic number 18 under criticism by the founding theorists. As observed By Leonardo (2004), the Critical accessible theory makes social analysis by focusing on the his torical events and their longitudinal changes earmarked and noted by the end of work or transformation. Another theory of Public policy and administration is the Complexity theory developed and investigated by George Cowan of the Santa Fe Institute in I984 and Stephen Wolfram of the Center for Complexity in Illinois in 1986 (Klijn, 2007). According to the proposers of the theory, the whole or entire system is easily managed and very efficient compared to the sum of the part or work done by individual parts of the system. As the depiction of the theory, complex systems take numerous interacting parts with each behaving in the local setting in accordance with the laws, forces, and rules that override the system. In simple terms, the complex theory holds that systems are self-organizing and produce results that when traced cannot lead to the contribution of each part in ensuring the resultant outcome.

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Assess the value of Kingdon's multiple streams approach for analysing Essay

Assess the value of Kingdons duplex flowings approach for analysing agenda-setting - Essay ExampleThe multiple stream manakins be a combination of different public issues as healthful as ideas and politics (Howlett & et. al., 2009). The framework provides an opportunity to move the policy issue in the government agenda. The framework is helpful in develop strategies that is applicable for different policy areas and analyse how the policies are framed in case of lack of egocentrism of the individuals. The Kingdon nonplus analyses the situation in which the issues are involved in the political agenda and puts certain problems at the different level of priority. In addition, this theory also describes how the alternative solution to the issues is developed (Zahariadis, 2007). The Kingdon model of multiple stream theory is based on lead elements that are policy, problem as well as politics (Furlong, n.d.). The three computes of the model facilitate change in the policy. The thre e streams of the Kingdon model are different from each other and are often guided through separate rules. The problem factor of the model is essential for agenda setting because it defines certain condition of the concerned issue. The ideas of the policy makers are translated to pertinent policies, as they are feasible and acceptable. On the other hand, the politics stream of the Kingdon model indicates the legislative turnover, the increment in administrative pressure or dependence on nation (Howlett & et. al., 2009). The implementation of the three streams of Kingdon model in public policy ensures increased attention of the policy makers because the three factors result affects the changes in agenda. quantify is one of the vital factors in agenda because it influences the particular problem and policies linked with the issue of public policy. The three elements of the Kingdon model are independent of each other. However, for the success of agenda it is necessary that any two

To what extent was the United States a world power in 1914 Essay

To what extent was the coupled States a world power in 1914 - Essay ExampleThe main reasons as to why the contradictory policy of the US government was isolationist in nature, is because the US still did not have enough resources and capability of worrying about the foreign affairs and problems of other countries (Hook and Scott, 2012). On this basis, the immediate concern of the linked States was its internal environment. This was a period in which the US had just emerged from a costly civil war, and it was the intention of General Washington to expand the territories of United States (Hook and Scott, 2012). However, during the year 1890, the government of the United States began engaging with overseas territories (Black, 2003). The government decided to look for the markets of its products to foreign markets. This was not only for an economic benefit, but also for their territorial expansion (Hook and Scott, 2012).On this basis, the expansionist policy of the United States took an international approach. For instance, the American government sent an invasion force to Haiti, in 1915, with the intention of protecting American economic interests, as well as replacing the Haitian constitution which advocated against the foreign ownership of make for (Kagan, 2003). On this basis, its invasion of Haiti was purely motivated by economic and territorial gains. It is important to denote that the expansionist policy practiced by the United States was under the context of the isolationist policy. The beginning World warfare played a significant role in shaping the global position of the United States. This is because the First World warfare negatively affected the global stability that was witnessed during the last 100 years (Kagan, 2003).On this basis, political isolation no longer served the interests of the United States., hence the country had to engage in a series of foreign affairs, that was never witnessed in the United States. It is important to denote that t he First World War began in 1914 (Kagan,

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Critique the Article Critical Thought Assignment

Critique the Article Critical Thought - Assignment ExampleThe participants argon not compensated of the losses that they undergo due to the unexpected postulates. Thought the whole article, the author shows disfavor of the trade unions and the subroutines that they play in advocating the rights of the workers. He simply agitates for proactive planning and foreseeing such events before they happen, and therefore plan in good time (Jay, pg. 28).The labor unions play a very critical role in the life of the workers. It advocates their rights, which includes wages, allowances and good working environment. The author is not sensitive to the needs of the workers when he disregards the strikes and their agitation for their needs. Essentially, the management of the institutions that took place in the strike is to blame. Why could they not settle the issues with the workers and prevent the occurrence of the strike?Even as far as the workers have their right to protest against poor working conditions, they should be strategic in their planning. They do not want to call for a strike, and no step is interpreted to improve their grievances. They possess the power to power to dictate what they want as long as it is in line with the operations of the firm. There is no problem with the workers calling for a strike before a big event, as it likely to be felt more than before. In summation, the authors touch sensation is contrary to the rights of the workers. He is too much on the unexpected losses caused due to the sudden

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Arguments about the critical period hypothesis Annotated Bibliography

Arguments about the unfavorable period hypothesis - Annotated Bibliography ExampleThe researchers were able to identify that this generalization is not completely true and that there are other factors involved. This research will be utilise to provide support for the opponent look of the argument that puberty and the age before puberty is the captious period to gain native akin proficiency in learning a second oral communication. In this research clause the author provides a commentary and definition of an individuals ability to speak a language in the uniform way a native user of that language speaks that language. In this article the author even states that the critical period hypothesis restricts the way researchers look at non-natives ability to learn a second language. This article will be used to define the concepts of nativelikeness as well as non-nativelikeness in relation to the example of these concepts in the critical period argument. This research was conducted o n Spanish subjects in order to identify the constraints they bewilder while gaining nativelike proficiency in learning a second language. The researchers were able to identify that there is a negative correlation between an individuals ability to learn a second language with nativelike proficiency and age even once the critical period has elapsed. This study will be used to argue against the critical period hypothesis and it will be used to support the point that non-natives expose to develop nativelike proficiency in using a language before as well as after the critical period.

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Materiality in Auditing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 2

Materiality in Auditing - Essay ExampleAs per IASB, the term real(a)ity refers to the information that atomic number 18 is important if their its exclusion or inaccurate presentation could shape the economic decision of the users of the financial program line of a business. The Materiality rests upon the magnitude of the evaluated element or error in some scenario of the auditors omission or inaccurate presentation. The Materiality depicts the significance of an exclusion or of an incorrect presentation of an accounting data or information which will impact the decision of a user of much(prenominal) accounting system information.As per ISA (UK&I) 320 , materiality in planning and carrying over off an audit means that the auditor employs the depression of materiality in planning and carrying over out the audit to identify material misstatements. Moreover, at the last-place end of the auditing, the auditor will decide whether the unrectified misstatements recognised are eithe r in aggregate or individually material to the financial statements or not. Thus, in deciding the materiality, auditor has to exercise his judgment. An omission or misstatement can be evaluated to be material or immaterial by virtue of their its nature or size or a mixture of both (FRC 20137).The auditor is anticipated to design and carry out an audit that offers a reasonable promise that materials misstatements will be exposed. Both materiality and audit essay are interconnected in that audit risk is explained in terms of materiality. If there is a material misstatement present in the financial statement even after the audit has been executed , in such case auditor will be held responsile for not highlighting the materiality (Rittenberg, Johnstone & Gramming 2011135).The notion of materiality offers flexibleness to financial reporting, and this can result in abuse. Corporations may record small errors

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Individual Strategic Business Planning portfolio Essay

Individual Strategic Business Planning portfolio - experiment ExampleBy virtue of the sophisticated technology JetFan Ltd expects to capitalize on the demand for sophistication by the consumers. The amount of money required for the profession initiative has been stated as $2.5 million worth candour capital. Moreover by way of intellectual property rights the company will be able to stave off any duplication of the impeller technology in the market besides giving it a good stain name. So the Executive Summary portion of the championship plan clearly highlights all the aspects relating to fund requirement, control worthiness and so on Overall it can be said that the portion covers all the relevant questions fashioning it an excellent one. Business Description The barter plan has been stated as commercialization of impeller technology in worldwide market by entering into alliances with the leaders in the fan manufacturing market. The crossing offered by the business has been stated clearly in section Creating the JetFan regeneration where it has been stated that the business plans to offer small-sized, quieter and convenient fans to the consumers. This is an expansionary business opportunity. The reasons for the success of the plan has been outlined in the section Why use JetFan and why now. present the benefits of adapting to the new technology have been stated as stall-free, miniaturization, less power consumption, reduced noise etc. The pressure differential advantages of JetFan over the conventional axial flow have been presented by way of a chart. The growth forecast for the JetFan market has been anticipated to be 15 percent every year. The section Creating the JetFan Revolution highlights the unique features of the JetFans unique impeller design. It has been mentioned how the JetFan scores over traditional plans in terms of higher airflow, meliorate efficiency, long battery life etc. Besides it has been stated how the JetFan reduces the invent ory and tooling costs for the manufacturers. So boilersuit in the business plan the details relating to nature of the business, products offered, its unique benefits, future growth prospects, salient product features and the unique business characteristics have been clearly outlined. So overall a good description of the business has been given. Marketing The market size has been conservatively estimated at 350 million small fans. This has been expected to grow by 15% annually. The market trend has also been anticipated to be strong owing to the fast substitution of the desktop computers with portable computers. The business plans to sell its impellers to the manufacturers in various industries. This implies that the business will not lend to the customers directly rather it will function as an intermediary as the plan clearly states that the sales agreement of the impellers will be mainly to the manufacturers. The plan states that the business faces direct competitions from the m anufacturers of specialist fans like Papst, NMB and Sunon. In the final result JetFan decides to manufacture complete units of fans then it is expected to face significant direct competition. These fan manufacturers occupy a sizable portion of the market. However, it has also been stated that if the company sticks to the production of fan impellers instead

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Donatello Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Donatello - Essay ExampleBiography Donatello Italy is world renowned for conversion art and Donatello (Florence) is one of the best examples of the same. Besides, his birth was in the year 1386. After formal education, Donatello decided to be a goldsmith and underwent fostering. Besides, the training at the studio of Lorenzo Ghiberti helped him to realize that his field is art, not the work of a goldsmith. But he did not neglect the work as a goldsmith because it helped him to keep himself out from poverty. His deep rice beer in Roman architecture, especially the works by Filippo Brunelleschi, gradually attracted him towards sculpture. One scum bag easily identify that both the artists (Donatello and Filippo Brunelleschi) revolutionized the field of sculpture and architecture in the 15th century. Donatellos descent with Lorenzo Ghiberti was so helpful to develop his interest in sculpture. For instance, Donatello worked as Lorenzo Ghibertis assistant at Florence Baptistery. Klei ner utter that Donatello was withal a pioneer in relief sculpture, the first to incorporate the principles of linear and atmospheric perspective, devices also employed brilliantly by Lorenzo Ghiberti in his Gates of Paradise for the Florence baptistery (577). Lorenzo Ghibertis guidance helped Donatello to be free from the influence of Gothic Mannerism and to develop his own style in sculpture. Gradually, Donatello began to undertake freelancer works. For instance, Donatello work, bronze David proves his creativity in sculpture. Besides, this work helped Donatello to be famous in the field of sculpture, especially spiritual rebirth sculpture. In the year 1450, Donatello completed an other work in Padua, which is know as Gattamelata. This work is in the form of a statue, which deeply influenced the artists in Europe. Later in the year 1453, Donatello returned to his birthplace and began to undertake other works. His later works include St. John the Baptist and Martyrdom of St. Law rence. Donatello passed away in the year 1466. His body was buried in a large church in Florence, namely Basilica of San Lorenzo. Britannica Educational Publishing tell that A good deal is known about Donatellos life and career, but little is known about his character and personality, and what is known is not wholly reli fit (31). To be specific, Donatellos deep interest and passion towards sculpture helped him to be one of the pioneers of early Renaissance in Italian sculpture. Ghibertis training helped Donatello to learn the basics of sculpture but he genuine his own style in sculpture. For instance, Donatello developed his own style in sculpture, namely relief sculpture. His passion towards sculpture forced him to be in Rome and other places like Siena and Padua. This helped him to lead more about the scope of sculpture in Europe. Besides, Donatello was able to keep himself free from the influence of Gothic style of Mannerism. Within the context of early Renaissance in Italian sculpture, Donatellos name is most memorable because his sculptures represent the Renaissance spirit of the age. Analysis 1 Equestrian statue of Gattamelata The Equestrian statue of Gattamelata (see appendix-1) is a statue in Bronze by Donatello, which was commissioned in the year 1453. This sculpture, which acts the agency of a landmark, is situated in Padua. This sculpture is interconnected with the history of Padua, especially the life history of condottiero Erasmo

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Asses the Claim that the Countries Using thr Euro Constitute an Essay

Asses the Claim that the Countries Using thr Euro catch up with an Optimal Currency Area - Essay ExampleThis paper approves that Euro was considered as a stable funds before the late 2000s when sparing crisis started to happen. The current sovereign crisis wherein some European countries are finding it relatively difficult to pay move out their obligations on time so has created strong doubts over the sovereign debt crisis. Greece especially faced critical challenges in terms of paying off its debts and resultantly this has created strong pressure on Euro to chastise against US dollar in international market. This has also suggested that the Euro may non be an best up-to-dateness expanse if it continues to perform in its current form. This suggests the absence of physical restrictions to travel and facilitate the free achievement of the labor across the borders. It also requires the low cultural barriers as well as the institutional arrangements agree it relatively eas ier for the labor to move freely. Labor mobility therefore is considered as a hedge against the adverse shocks when metamorphose rates are fixed or cannot be adjusted easily. It has been observed that the labor mobility within Euro subject area is relatively low as compared to the countries like US and Japan. This report makes a conclusion that Euro has to fulfill cardinal important criteria before it can form into one of the cohesive and efficient single currency areas in the world. Apart from free capital mobility all other criteria suggest that the countries in the region may not be ready and hence countries comprising of the region where Euro is the single currency may not be established as an optimal currency area.... two models are ground upon the concepts of stationary expectations as well as the International Risk Sharing.( Kenen, 1969) One of the key attribute of an optimal currency region therefore is based on the fact that it is often larger than a single country. Th e creation of Euro has been considered as an engineered attempt to put forward a case study to test the theory of how to create an optimal currency region as individual countries in the region may not have been sufficient enough to form an optimal currency area. History of Euro Euro is the single currency in Eurozone comprising of the 17 of the 27 countries in the European coalescence area. Officially launched in late 1990s, over the period of time, Euro has become one of the most dominating currencies in the world. At the start of Euro as a currency, it was widely expected that the Euro will replace US Dollar as the most traded currency in the world. Backed up by the economic powers of the European economic powers in order to ensure that region is served by a single currency.( Richard & Wyplosz, 2004.) Euro is officially administrated by the European Central Bank and the Eurosystem whereas the ECB has the sole responsibility to set the setting up the monetary policy for the regio n whereas the Eurosystem has the mandate of printing and minting currency notes as well as coins. Euro and Optimal Currency Area As discussed above, Euro was considered as a stable currency before the late 2000s when economic crisis started to happen. The current sovereign crisis wherein many European countries are finding it relatively difficult to pay off their obligations on time therefore has created strong doubts over the sovereign debt crisis. Greece specially faced critical challenges in terms of paying off its debts and resultantly this has

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Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 78

Essay ExampleTo begin with, there is the instauration of employment opportunities resulting from activities brought by hydro industry. Thus in turn brings income, generates tax, and some clock due to the effects healthcare centers are built to cater for those affected health wise. However, the mining activities cause resettlement, loss of land antecedently used for cultivation. in that location is also an element on economies of various countries in which the hydros are found wedded the high number of employees both temporary and contractual. Aluminum plants activities in various countries are believed to have confirming impacts as a result of investments in the sector and the operation of the particular plant. The inve4stmentws are huge and in billions of pounds and dollars plus the dependence of operations on lamp sum of raw materials, energy and goods and services. These activities including taxes, proceedsion and consumption bulge of these activities create external employ ment.Given the hydros in the supply chain consume a serve of energy, raw materials and other accompanying services, her operation create business opportunities as there are galore(postnominal) suppliers to deliver the requirements . Here systems are place to ensure suppliers are monitored at any given time. There are also cases of restrictions radiation diagramation of trade unions mandated to influence the work situations of employees especially in china plainly most countries give allowance for formation of trade unions.There are adverse social and economical effects in the glass manufacture industry. Firstly the employees are reported to have committed felo-de-se several times as a result of minimal wages which is not enough form the employers to use in settling rent arrears and at the same time spend on their families can in the villages. Instances of high demand for new products made out of glass can some time cause challenges. For instance, every time an iphone model is released into the market there is always high demand for the product given

Special Features of Managing Human Resources Research Paper

Special Features of Managing Human Resources - investigate Paper Example2. Human resource steering is a distinctive approach to employment management which seeks to achieve competitive advantage through the strategic deployment of a highly committed and capable workforce using an array of cultural, structural and personnel techniques. (Guest, 1999) There are a number of things to notice in Storeys listing. Firstly, human resource management is clearly not simply the province of the human resource manager. form managers play a critical role in human resource management and, in fact, could be argued to be the main organisational exponents of spate management. Secondly, human resource management is firmly embedded in crinkle strategy. Unlike the personnel manager, the HR manager is part of the top level strategic team in the organisation and human resource management plays a key role in the achievement of stage business success. Thirdly, the shaping of organisational culture is o ne of the major levers by which effective human resource management corporation achieve its objectives of a committed workforce. Thus, human resource management is concerned not only with the egg processes of the management of people but also with all the ways in which the organisational culture is established, re-inforced and transmitted. 3. Organizational developing and innovation is ...ues, strategies, structures and practices so that the organization can better adapt to competitive actions, technological advances, and the fast stones throw of other changes in the environment. Organization development helps managers recognize that organizations are systems with dynamic interpersonal relationships holding them together. The conceivable next step was to try to change groups, units, and entire organizations so that they would support, not necessarily replace, change efforts. In short, the general objective of organizational development is to change all parts of the organization in coif to make it humanly responsive, more effective, and more capable of organizational learning and self-renewal. It relies on systems orientation, causal models, and a set of key assumptions to guide it.4. The flexible model of working shows the ability of the company to also take up the needs of the employees in considerations of time. This model shows how flexibility affects both the employers and the employees. There are advantages and disadvantages with using this model. The term flexible working refers to working practices, mutually agreed between employee and employer, which cover working hours, locations or patterns of work. much(prenominal) arrangements have to comply with the law on working time, including hours, rest breaks and the working week. 5. As work has die less central to peoples lives, vying for time with family and leisure, many have become concerned with what is termed the work-life balance. Work-life balance is about people having a measure of control over when, where and how they work. It is achieved when an individuals right to a fulfilled life inside and extraneous paid work is accepted and respected as the norm, to the mutual benefit of the individual, business and

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Language that we use Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

oral communication that we engagement - taste ExampleIn the present world thousands of phraseologys exist. People from incompatible parts of the world speak different languages. The Chinese speak Mandarin, Australians speak English, Arabians speak Arabic, the Argentines speak Spanish, etc. How well others the language you use defines you and non the language you use.Non-verbal communication has the same importance as the verbal. If a person is in foreign earth and not familiar with the local language, he interacts with other through non-verbal movements or in other terminology signs. Deaf and dumb persons use the sign language. It helps them in communication with others and makes their lives a lesser difficult.Hu human being beings atomic number 18 different from other animal, thats why they are called as social animals. This is because they can think and most importantly can communicate easily with each other. To reduce the gap amidst geographical areas and the curiousne ss of man to know whats on the other side has made him to invent different languages.Thousands of years ago they started communicating with each other. In 3500BC alphabets were invented in the written form. This helped in the introduction of postal service. This commission communication between different parties was made. The Chinese invented paper and the book came by 100AD. Slowly all the writings were entered into the books. Books were best for storing info for long time without causing much damage. Newspapers were introduced into the Europe by 1450AD. speech or short phrases can confront the distinction between purely informative and partially expressive uses of language. Many of the most common quarrel and phrases of any language have both a literal or descriptive meaning that refers to the way things are and an emotive meaning that expresses few (positive or negative) feeling about them. Thus, the choice of which word to use in making a statement can be apply in hopes of evoking a particular proposition emotional response. This is a natural function of ordinary language, of course. We often do wish to convey some portion of our feelings along with information. There is a good deal of poetry in everyday communication, and poetry without emotive meaning is pretty dull. But when we are primarily interested in establishing the truth-as we are when assessing the synthetic merits of an argument-the use of words laden with emotive meaning can easily distract us from our purpose. Language is not static it is organic. It grows out of usage and need. Whats important is not whether a word is being used in its original meaning, but whether it is understood within the cultural milieu it is being used in. Words come and go and when deemed necessary add to their meanings in any language that is vibrant. It is only a words root that remain fixed not the word itself. If words cannot evolve to meet cultural needs, perceived or otherwise, the language is doomed. On e of the difficulties many people face is understanding the language. If a person lands up in a foreign land and not familiar with the local language faces many problems. The same has happened to false topaz and her mother in the essay Mother Tongue. Her mother was not familiar with English language and hardly understands it. This became a major problem to her. She cant communicate with others and cannot build friendly relationships with her neighbours. She cant go to the market merely since she cannot speak English

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I want to do the topic on service learning and how it can increase Assignment

I want to do the topic on service learning and how it can step-up admission retentivity - Assignment ExampleSincerely, Student signature Student typed name Student title Encl, Contents Recommendation Report portion erudition at Angelo State University 5 Discussion of Problem 6 Partnerships 9 Outreach 10 curricular Engagement 11 Recommended Solution 12 Table of Figures Figure 1 Kellogg Logic Model (2004) 9 Figure 2 Google search results for keywords service learning and outreach 10 Figure 3 Service Learning and associated skills 12 Executive Summary Hook the reader with a clear explanation of what you want to do Briefly summarize each of the major segments of the report University description Problem Your solution Why today? Recommendation Report Service Learning at Angelo State University It is no secret that many colleges and universities crosswise the country are struggling to stay afloat. Earlier this year, Moodys Investors Service put out a electronegative outlook for the in dustry as a whole and predictions are bleak. According to the New York Times, only round 500 out of more than 4,000 American colleges and universities are considered to have stable enough finances to lead (Selingo, 2013). In order to stay viable, many colleges and universities are putting strong effort into retaining freshmen students whose tuitions contribute a significant proportion of overall revenue (Pullaro, 2010). Retaining these students not only contributes to an educated, productive citizenry, but increases the likelihood of retaining them throughout the remainder of their degree plan. Unfortunately, freshmen students face a wide variety of issues that can affect their ability to hold pursuit of a college degree, only both(prenominal) of which can be addressed by the university. Tinto (1993) provides some rough-cut barriers that affect a students ability to stay in school. While factors such as intention and fealty are inherent to each individual, the university can p rovide programs that facilitate positive outcomes. Types of services that could assist in these areas would include programs such as Angelo State Universitys (ASU) First-Year Experience program to help with the challenges of adjustment, changes in educational expectations, unfamiliarity with the new culture/environment/lived experience, and, very commonly, feelings of isolation. External barriers to staying in school include students obligations to family and lodge and students ability to finance their college attendance, including tuition, fees, books, and living expenses. Helping students address these needs would also theoretically help increase student retention. While the university cannot reduce tuition rates and still remain viable, it is possible for ASU to address some of these internal and external barriers by incorporating a service learning approach throughout the campus community. The concept of incorporate instruction with meaningful community service as a means of e ngaging students has been around for a long time, but it wasnt until 2001 that the first International Conference on Service Learning took place (Historical Timeline, 2013). As it is now defined, service learning refers to programs in which students are encouraged to use what they are learning more or less in the classroom and apply it to real-world issues that ultimately benefit their communities. Through the service learning process, the students benefit in a variety of ways. They become invested in the community and connect with other students or

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Value configuration of argos Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Value configuration of argos - query Paper Exampleshopping very accessible to their clients with the accessibility of sets for surfing earlier to visiting the stores ,the assemblings atomic number 18 accessible as hard copies for example, the low price DVDs and CDs.This suitability of shopping with the Argos lengthens to the establishment of home dissemination for wandering(a) orders and online acquisitions at lowered prices.The clients who are registered to Argos website benefits from 5% discounts on the complete Argos variety and some monies to accustom in Argos and site stores obtainable on their loyalty cards. Argos deals in swops care to the client such as breakdown care, equipment care and replacement produce care.For easy admittance of the companys features and produces, Argos has established important Widget which delivers a quicker and easier access to the main features of Argos.co.uk which comprised the pursuit of their up-to-date offers, costs and the wide merchand ise range. To advance rates of exchange, drive produces sales and progress their enactments, Argos linked with the Zoocha to cultivate the customer proficient design.Argos has capitalized meaningfully in digital contribution and establish new ways to influence its vast store collection in a retail atmosphere, this is due to the just launched five-year revolution plan which marks Argos as a digital front-runner in the corporate market. This has led to the improvement of Argos products purchase since clients could visit the Argos website through mobile devices and surf for products and conducts purchase .It appeals to the clients because of the endowment of 16% discount of the general purchases directed through the phones. , Argos announces a digital version of its Christmas gift guide that exploits new expertise and rich content to deliver collaborating ways of spending for its customers (www.argos.co.uk ,2014).In addition, the catalogue type of the gift controller is using augmente d reality to lift concord stages further.Interms of expertise Argos

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International Business Strategy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

International dividing line Strategy - Assignment ExampleInternational business operators shake up adopted a new form of business that entails standardization of the product with the intention of offering and legal transfer together product and service development and processing. In this aspect, multinationals have tried to make one can with branches and operations across the world. The thinking, in this case, is influenced by the precise customer needs and the cultural and geographical factors that rival on the purchasing behavior. Therefore, it is possible to have an international company, say a restaurant, offering entirely incompatible types of goods and services in different separate of the world. This depends on the people living in a authoritative global locality. Nevertheless, the companys logo and brand name continue to unite its global customers. some other thinking of the international business that has evolved is the arbitrage thinking. This involves the exploitat ion of the differences that arise between regional and national markets. Business operators are now required to be more vigilant in the location of important parts of the supply chain in different regions. For instance, Europeans, mainly value opening many retail shops while Indians value the initiation of call centers to monitor employees and customers and create a better channel of communication.Another strategic thinking, that has characterized and do international business, is the competitive rivalry between different producers and suppliers in the international markets.

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School Uniforms Essay Example for Free

School unvarieds EssayThe issue of prep be uniforms in right aways public conditions is a silent but rattling controversial issue, Gaining momentum with instruct administrators and parents debating on whether or non to convert their public give lessonshouses. With academics on a decline compared to the world average, (Wu, Elaine) along with take force-out at its highest that it has ever been. The United States is a uplifting a change towards school development school uniforms to help solve m whatsoever problems associated with public schools.School uniforms in todays friendship promote school safety and enhance the learning environment, and diminish the article of clothing completion As prescribe by Marsha Boutelle. School uniforms unify a school and help the blending of the school cultures, instead of extensive polarization among students. Of course student who could not wear uniforms due to religious reasons or other entrance reasons could sign out doing so along with parent permission. Along with School uniforms we see a throw out in academic performance.With the United States dropping behind other developed nation ranking in at number 18 of 24. (Wu, Elaine) this is low for a nation that is spending a lot on education every year. Kids are losing focus on school and are competing for what the newest fashion or toilet facility rather than focusing on school these days. With the addition of school uniforms in Ameri discharge society kids dejection focus more on their classes rather than social factors that students focus on when at that place is no school uniform and the dress code is not strict.With the addition of school uniforms in public schools you can see students bonding to bring onher aid students live like they are accepted and part of a untold bigger picture than just them. similarly the boost in academics helps out everywhere with helping students get into universities of their choice rather than just a university that excepts them and helps them get scholarships, which a lot have a grade point average requirement, that must be met in order to qualify or to continue receiving. This helps out students and parents get reenforcement for the college or trade school they attend.And with the millions of dollars in scholarships that go unused each year. Students could defiantly use this notes to pay or help pay for their college. And this helps out businesses get tax cuts find what could be rising employs and save them money in the end when taxes are due. hardly many tribe argue against school uniforms in America and say that it affects their creativity and violates the offshoot amendment. (Cornell) Arguing against school uniforms parents feel that not be able to dress in the latest clothing fashions.They feel that their children are being restricted on their creativity and ability to freely express themselves. Coming back to the United States constitutions first amendment which is the freedom of speech, saying that what the students are wearing is a symbol of speech and is expressing them. But this argument is blemish when it sleep togethers to students who still cannot abide by counterbalance the schools standard dress code policies. For example sixth grader tiffany gets direct to the principals office because the teacher thinks she is dressed in charmly.She is wearing a micro mini dame and a halter top that shows her midriff. Principle Judy capital of Alabama, of Sacramentos Bear Flag Elementary School, takes Tiffany station to change her clothes and to check in with her parents. There reaction isnt what she expects Her mother was upset with me Montgomery says. Her mother says she looks cute. (Boutelle) This is showing that some parents cant even enforce a school appropriate dress code on their children in this day and age. This example is showing how kids are being influenced by todays hip hop culture.Effecting what young people are wearing even if it is degradin g to them. And its creating distractions to other people in the academic environment in that locationfore hindering others ability to do their beat out and distracting them from being creative in their own ways. So this argument is invalid when kids are so dressed down that its distracting to others. And the inability for parents to be able to tell their children that what they are wearing is inappropriate and shows that a standardized dress code should be put in go under.There is a time and place to dress however you like and that is outside of school. Kids can dress however they please outside of a standardized institution. Also it would be very un master key if parents had to meet a teacher or precept for a conference or something school related. And the teacher or principle was wearing unprofessional clothing looking unclean and not clean cut, In other words not looking professional for their job. Students and parents alike dont like to see this its very hard to take them so lid and consider them professional.So the argument is flawed when it comes to it in the end, because in schools are supposed to be integrative and be an academic environment. Another problem in American schools is school violence School violence can be greatly reduced by the use of school uniforms. With kids unable to noticeably tell or distinguish which kids belong to what gangs in school if any at all. Also with uniforms its a good deal harder to tell which kids come from money and which kids come from needy families. Relieving kids of the stress of which social economic status you come from.With a blending, it helps kids see who the actual person is rather then who or where they came from or what their culture is or background. For example all you have to do is step in to any public school with a normal dress code during lunch and you can just see all the different groups that are happening in a school from rich kids and jocks to the nerds and the poor kids. You see the school gangs separating representing for their gang or group. At any moment there could be a confrontation between any of these groups and like a shot a conflict has started or worse school violence could happen between people.Since something has happened everything is stopped until the agency gets resolved whether its broken up by the school cop, teachers, or resolved by the people it happens between. Some of this can be stopped, as bill Clinton said in his 1996 state of the union get by I challenge all our schools to teach character education, to teach good values and good citizenship. And if it meat that teenagers will stop killing each other over designer jackets, then our public schools should be able to require their students to wear school uniforms. (Clinton) This quote is showing how kids are committing violence in school over something as simple as a designer jacket. (Clinton) everyone wearing uniforms also makes it very easy to recognize people who are not supposed to be the re or can make an intruder stand out in a crowd. So what is to stop kids in school from killing or committing violence over any other reason in public schools? But David L Brunsma begs to say that school uniforms can actually solve school violence or even boost school academic performance. After he did a study on how school uniforms.His graphical record (summary of uniform policy effect) shows that there is either not enough of a change or there was a drop in performance according to his graph. But the graph does not show any numbers on it so its hard to say anything about also. On this subject there is a lot of supporting data for both sides which make it hard to say what is legit and what is not because not every study is reproduced in this field. Brunsma says that school uniforms actual cause a false sense of bail and are actual detrimental to what is going on in the climate of the school.(School Uniform Policies in universal Schools) With so much contradicting evidence to his claim it only raises questions to why uniforms help in some part of the U. S and across the world but not all over the united states. In mop up school uniforms should be instated in public school, with a boost in academic performance. Which would in hand boost the United States in the ranking system of developed nations, and along with that would make it a much more respected educational institutional as a whole in the world of education. Also school uniforms unify schools bringing them closer to a whole and unifying the school.School uniforms help students feel a part of something bigger than just them. Also it keeps schools much less polarized making students safer and keeping the school violence significantly low. But it wont solve all conflicts because there is always person out looking to start something or is suffering from a severe problem. This can be prevented by students taking initiative to help protect their school. Students should help everyone out in their school b y helping keeping it unified. Works Cited 1. Boutelle, Marsha. Uniforms Are They a Good Fit? The Education Digest. 73. 6 (February 2008) 34-7 2.Brunsma, David L. School Uniform Policies in Public Schools. Principal (Reston, Va. ). 85. 3 (January/February 2006) 50-3 3. Brennan, Timothy. Do uniforms make our schools better? Ive seen them boost school climate. American Teacher. 89. 5 (February 2005) 4 4. Firmin, Michael, Suzanne Smith, and Lynsey Perry. School Uniforms A Qualitative Analysis of Aims and Accomplishments at Two Christian Schools. journal of Research on Christian Education. 15. 1/2 (Spring/Fall 2006) 143-68 5. Brunsma, David L. , and Kerry Ann Rockquemore. Statistics, Sound Bites, and School Uniforms A serve to Bodine. The Journal of Educational Research (Washington, D. C. ). 97. 2 (November/December 2003) 72-7. 6. Daugherty, Richard F. Leadership In Action Piloting a School Uniform Program. Education. 123. 2 (2002) 390 7. PRESIDENT CLINTON, WILLIAM JEFFERSON, STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS,U. S. CAPITOL JANUARY 23, 1996, http//clinton2. nara. gov/WH/New/other/sotu. html 8. Wu, Elaine, U. S. locomote in education rank compared to other countries, The Kapio Newspress, 2004, http//kapio. kcc. hawaii. edu/upload/fullnews. php? id=52 9. Cornell University Law school, http//www. law. cornell. edu/constitution/constitution. billofrights. html.

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MAC Brand Analysis Essay Example for Free

MAC fall guy Analysis Essay1.0 Introduction The enhancive industry is very competitive industry where harvest-home welfares and steel image are keys to success. The innovation of this report is to present an psychoanalysis of the tell on M.A.C and its product delineate with nidus on T-C-B and I-D-U analysis, a clear localisation disputation and target audience (s) including brand loyalty categories. The purpose at the end of this assignment is to bring in an understanding of what objective M.A.C needs to digest on for a creative strategy in the second part of this assignment. 2.0 Brand Product DescriptionThe type of product selected for the positioning exercise is outline the specific brand selected is M.A.C cosmetics causeed by Estlee Lauder Corporation. It is noted that limn is a product description and is not owed but the company thus demonstrating M.A.C is one brand corporation. To throttle if M.A.C has a strong market positioning within the womens cosmetic industry particularly with their limn product both unessential research (trade publications) and individual depth interviews were conduct (see Appendix A ), and will be utilize for evaluation and conclusion.3.0 AnalysisThe tools/ nonpluss used for determining M.A.Cs market position were T.C.B IDU models. The T-C-B model was used as a baseline for a serious of questions to guide a particular shape of respondents that M.A.C caters for and is aiming to achieve a strong market position in this select category.3.1 T-C-B3.1.1 The Target Customer (T) position The primary target demographic for any brand of lipstick is womanly. The types of consumers that are interested in open colour selection, wanting to feel sexy and fakeable and want a lipstick that fit into their own personal style are M.A.Cs target audience. Thus the respondents used for this analysis are new-fangled fashionable conscious individual who seeking a look without compromising on the fashion trends.3.1.2 The sep t need (C) PositioningThere are many needs that the product lipstick needs to indulge to the consumer. The general needs that all lipstick must fill are c everyplaceage or staying spot and hydration (lips not drying out) this was concluded corpse appendix A. The needs that M.A.C lipstick specifically fills can be shared out into physical needs and the emotional needs. The most authoritative physical needs as identify by in-depth interviews were a good lean of work and appealing packaging. The most important emotional needs utter through in depth interviews were the social and individual needs.3.1.3 Benefits (B) PositioningTo conclude that the fol blueing Key benefits were important to M.A.C target audience and the company and fill the category needs were drawn from the various responses from the in-depth interviews. These benefits are a way in to increase and maintain the target market (T). M.A.C fills the physical need being the capacious range of colours of lipstick by hav ing the largest range of lipstick colours with 136 shades in their imperishable collection not including the releases of new limited every few week. Compare to Bobbi Brown pay off alone 36 shades in their permanent collection and Chanel which has 67 shades this was discovered through secondary research and by confirming this with in-depth interviews.When examine the pictures of various packaging of different brands of lipstick in the in-depth interviews stimuli used to help identify benefits of the lipstick category to understand the various competing it was concluded that M.A.C packaging as come upon by the respondents as simple, plastic/glass, eye-catching, chic, stylish and high product.Social needs is satisfied by be to a group. M.A.C associates itself with fashion, prestige beauty and youth culture and markets their product through testimonials and word of mouth via fashion shows and celebrities. Consumers who use M.A.C lipstick are automatically introduced to the M.A.C c ulture and their social need is satisfied. The need of individual is the biggest focus of M.A.C lipstick. An individual may have a need for self-expression and this is expressed by fashion and style. M.A.C realised that it could fulfill this need by simple product packaging made of plastic or glass products have straight forward names and trend setting colours.3.2 I-D-U Analysis3.2.1 Central versus differentiated benefit positioning M.A.C lipstick adopts differentiated positioning on at least one important benefit. For instance M.A.C is functionally different bright range of colours and its target user is individualists who express through fashion. preferably than central positioning as the womens industry is so competitive and to be successful M.A.C lipstick positioning will deliver better results for the corporation. As M.A.C lipstick is not seen as the consumer as outmatch of its kind through in-depth interviews.3.2.2 Emphasized benefit Instinctual, archetypal, emotional or ra tional The benefit to be accentuate as the key benefit of M.A.C lipstick is the large range of colours to select from. This is emphasized as an both a functional benefit and emotional benefit proposition and uses type 2 of emotion. As M.A.C lipstick uses the strong appeal of being fashionable and sexy with a large range of colours to choose from as a transformational positive ending motivating emotion as evidence by the in-depth interviews.3.2.3 Entry-tickets benefitsThe benefits what the consumer expects for M.A.C is to have a large range of colour for being a lipstick product category. until now the consumers of M.A.C lipstick are told that M.A.C lipstick have the biggest range of colours through the professional make-up artist as employees through the M.A.C social network (twitter, Facebook) It was concluded that M.A.C lip colour range is the key benefit that make M.A.C should focus on promoting to the target consumer as it is the closes to the ideal brand in that benefit when comparing 5 other brands. M.A.C clear delivery of the range of lip colours and their uniqueness set them asunder from other brand.4.0 Positioning Statement Target audience4.1 Positioning statement Determine the positioning statement for M.A.C from the TCB and IDU analysis the findings from the brand analysis are the following The competitors of M.A.C are not just the leaders in womens cosmetics lipstick but range from all companies that have a stake in the cosmetics industry. A perceptual map was devised from the in-depth interviews for an easy diagram showed all the competitors. (Appendix) These are all the competitors that must be interpreted into claimation when developing the positioning statement.Using the Rossiter-Percy-Bellman Grid it is establish that the product is acceptable in the low involvement, transformational sector this was further confirmed with the in-depth interviews. The attribute that were important to the consumers when evaluating the product of womens lips tick these were discovered as fashionable, sexy, range of colours, smoothness, staying power and hydration these where then rank or delivery and uniqueness by the top 5 main competitors and no-brand as all the other competitors see appendix B and C.Based on the IDU analysis and consumer research see appendix A, B C it was determined how each competitor is positioned in the dream of the consumer. The top two main competitors of M.A.C were to be considered as Chanel and Bobbi Brown based on both high end pricing and a large colour option pallet and are to be consider the leaders in the womens cosmetics- lipstick industry. So M.A.C needs to offer the consumer something very unique in the positioning statement to have brand differentiation to increase and maintain the target market.The various factors that agnise the M.A.C consumer and their lifestyle, their purchase motivations and their different attributes that are important to them were concluded from the research (Appendix A). T he positioning statement- M.A.C is the womens cosmetic brand that provides consumers lipstick to women who are 18-30 and belongs to the socioeconomic class of middle-high (T), M.A.C lipstick satisfies the need of self-expression in every women to be fashion forward and be accepted in the M.A.C culture (C) M.A.Cs benefit intention is to have the largest selection of lip colours, the most fashion forward of its kind in the industry and be nice and creative for all women. (B) M.A.C needs to constantly work on their positioning statement to increase their brand market share via T-C-B I-D-U brand analysis by doing this the company can always increase the perceive delivery of the M.A.C lipstick.4.2 Target audienceThe target audience should be broadly described as 18-35 female in the middle-high social economic class. These are the follow segments that M.A.C is enter in with their differentiation marketing. M.A.C divides the market of their lipstick product into demographic segmentation being female and a specific age group because over 90% of their users belong in this specific category. However the product is not limited to this demographic segmentation. M.A.C what is more divides the market on the basis of personality being fashion forward, artistic and creative which is a form of psychographic segmentation.The buying situations in which target market purchase M.A.C lipstick (that were discovered form in-depth interviews) where outlets both tell through online shopping and in-store department store (David Jones), benefits sought as in the large colour range M.A.C product provides.. The consumers of M.A.C lipstick are brand loyals, however they can be routinized favourable brand switchers as well this is due to the positioning of M.A.C lipstick in the Rossiter-Percy-Bellman grid.

Sorry for the loss Essay Example for Free

condemnable for the loss EssayWhile a butterfly is stark to spread its graceful wings, many state suffer in captivity, and can only dream about the world removed. The impatient for freedom is picture in Bridget Keehans short degree Sorry for the Loss from 2008, where we meet the chaplain Evie and the young criminal higher-up. The explanation begins when Evie has to tell Victor that his Nan is dead, but the situation turns out different than expected. Evie is a chaplain who has worked in the prison house for over a year (p. 1 l. 18), but she doesnt really like being there.The melodic line in the prison intimidates her and she feels uncomfortable being there because of all the noises. Thats why she treasures whenever the prisoners atomic number 18 out, and she has few quiet time on her knowledge. She is in truth religious and she likes to use her quiet time to meditate and supplicate (p. 2, l. 32). She is a plazafelt girl who behaves properly and follows the Bibl e. Even though the prisoners have done bad things, she is miscellany to everyone, and tries to understand how the prisoners feel. She even tries to imagine Jesus as being one of the prisoners (p. 2, l.40), and this just shows that she is very good at putting herself in other peoples shoes. In the prison she also helps to associate the Enhanced Thinking Skills (p. 3, l. 91). She is a kind, genuine person, and she is very nervous when she has to tell Victor that his Nan is dead, because she is sc are that hell get upset (p. 2, l. 55). Evie is fragile, but she is also a very loving and caring person, and as soon as she sees the young Victor, she imagines him being her son (p. 3, l. 75). Victor is very young, so her loving heart immediately feels sorry for him.Victor is answer ford as a young, good-looking boy (p. 3, l. 75). He has olive skin, sparkling eyes and a big, white smile with a glint of gold filling (p. 4, l. 136). He is a catholic, but hes not very practicing. Instead he likes to explore new-sprung(prenominal) things and religions. He has been in prison for five years (p. 3, l. 78), but although he has been there for a foresightful time, he is different than the other prisoners. He has a more of a kind look to him, and he certainly doesnt look like a boy who would hurt, let alone, kill someone.While the other prisoners cells are filled with family photographs or pictures of wo custody, Victors cell is completely empty (p. 4, l. 114). He seems quite a immature, but even though he seems young and not clever, he has spent a striation of his time in prison studying Yeah I know ETS. Done it in my hold water nick (p. 3, l. 90). He is also a part of the book club, and he even refers to the tragedy fag Lear by Shakespeare when he talks to Evie. Though, he has a quite interesting interpretation of the Shakespeare tragedy, because he imagines Cordelia as being a stoned pot-head (p.3, l. 110). He seems like a very kindhearted person, and he behaves swe ll when Evie visits him. He shows emotions for the pigeons outside his windowpane, but he doesnt seem to care about his Nans death, and this is the first sign, the reader gets, which shows that the genuine Victor may not be as genuine subsequently all. The bill is told by a 3. person omniscient narrator, but we hear the story from Evies mastermind of view. Her thoughts are often described Eve considers, its a wonder the thick stone walls that shed light on this world from the one outside contain the noise (p. 1, l.28), so its almost like the story is told by Evie herself. The narrator doesnt comment upon the text, which also makes it feel like we hear the story through and through Evie and her thoughts. There is a great use of figurative langue, which makes the text come alive, since the narrator uses sentences such as Bellowed from the testosterone voices that have been trained like tenors to reach the gods (p. 1, l. 23) and The office, bulkily built like a ruby player (p. 2, l. 62). The characters, in particular Victor, are also described very detailed, which makes the reader feel like we almost know the characters in person.Through the narrative technique we get an idea of who the characters are. For example through the use of direct vernacular this shows how some of the characters are well-educated, while others arent. Evie, for example, has correct grammar when she speaks, which indicates that she is well-educated. Victor, on the other hand, has bad grammar No Im safe ta, would you? (p. 3, l. 93), Done it in my last nick. (p. 3, l. 91) and but thats evil innit? (p. 4, l. 132), so its obvious that he spend most of his life in prison instead of attending school. The narrator also uses symbolisms in the story.One of the symbols is the pigeons that live close to Victors window. A pigeon is a madam and a symbol of freedom, but in the story, Victors neighbor treats the pigeons very badly. .. he feeds the pigeons crumbs so they get to trust him, then he catches one and traps it (p. 4,l. 128). This shows the fragility of freedom, and the prisoners know, more than anyone, that freedom can be taken away from you in the blink of an eye. The window is also used as a symbol for the prisoners dream about freedom, because when they look outside the window they see a slice of road leadership out of town (p.2, l. 53). A window is an object which allows you to look outside and see different separate of the world, and thats exactly what the prisoners do they look outside and dream about a life on the other side of the bars. One of the briny symbols, though, is the butterfly knife. The butterfly knife symbolizes Victor, and it shows how beauty can fell something cruel. What you thought was pretty and genuine may end up causing great damage. That is what the whole story is about, and that is exactly what the butterfly knife symbolizes. The author Bridget Keehan has used many contrasts in her short story.One of the main contrasts is the con trast between the prisoners and the life outside the prison. The prisoners are trapped in the prison and they have no freedom. Thats why the prisoners always stand by the big window where they can have a view on the world outside. The contrast between free and captured is also shown through the office workers on the street. When the prisoners look outside the window, they can see the office workers on their way to work. The office workers are free men who have jobs and lives, while the prisoners dont really have any purposes in their lives, since they are trapped behind the bars.The prisoners can only look at the office workers with envious eyes (p. 2, l. 50). The outside vs. inside world is also depicted, since the prison is described as something non-beautiful .. with its banging of gates and scraping of keys in locks and the clatter of each prisoners metal food tray (p. 1, l. 22), while nature outside is describe as beautiful Its a bright, blue-sky day, and as the sun streams in from the large solitary window and warms her face (p. 2, l. 35). Another contrast is between Evie and the environment of the prison. Evie is very religious, and she follows the rules.She is a good girl and has never tried heroin (p. 2, l. 38), or done anything bad. Evie is described as a very fragile and powder-puff person, which is completely opposite to the prisons harsh environment. The prison is described as something thats very loud and cold, and it is surrounded by thick stone walls. Besides that, the prison is full of big men and testosterone voices (p. 1, l. 25), so Evies gentle and feminine character doesnt really fit in. Evie is also a contrast to the prisoners, since Evie follow Gods rules, while many of the prisoners have committed murder or rape etc.which is completely against the catholic believes. One of the most special contrasts in the story is Victor. Victor is a contrast himself, because his outer beauty camouflages his inner murderer. In the beginning, the reade r almost feels sorry for Victor, because he seems so genuine, but once the officer tells Evie that Victor is a murderer, we realize that its just a facade. Victor is a contrast, because he is both good and bad, and thats why the butterfly knife symbolizes him it looks beautiful and harmless, but it can cause extreme damages.The main theme in this short story is the yearning for freedom, but the text also depicts the question about trust and sincerity. It puts focus on the fact that everyone has their own secrets, whether it shows or not. The text is quite relevant today, because we live in a world full of crime, and the prisons are filled with people who have done something bad. It makes us wonder do we take freedom for disposed(p)? Bridget Keehans Sorry for the Loss tells a fascinating story about the meeting between freedom and captivity, and with her use of symbols and contrasts, she makes it clear that even beautiful things have dark sides.

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Monsanto paper critical analysis Essay Example for Free

Monsanto write up critical analysis EssayaTitle A refresh of core issues relating to the global adoption of genetically limited foods. As we ar confronted by to a greater extent and such(prenominal) information, it is of great importance that as global citizens we endeavour to form our own cultures by thoroughly analysing genuine info. Often information we atomic number 18 presented with can carry a vast undertone of supererogatory, and usually deflect information, which conveyed through language, body language, and even in extreme, but uncommon instances, subliminal messaging.Professionals in environmental decoct must be able to efficiently draw unbiased conclusions by filtering large quantities of information and fetch their findings effectively. In environmental prudence, global issues typically generate the most controversy. Currently, a global movement to get rid of genetically limited foods, is raging. As scientific demonstration that challenges the caout chouc of GMOs mounts, global pro campaigns and national governments atomic number 18 rejecting genetically modified foods, in particular the nonorious company Monsanto.This assignment is aimed at evaluating key publications relating to the precaution of GMOs using the correct models developed in critical analysis for environmental management in hope that informative and unbiased conclusions can be drawn.Table1The Purpose of this table is to briefly sum five sources of literature using methods gained in the course to aid in the development of a pen plan for assignment two. Reference/SourcePublication TypeBrief SynopsisApplication of caterpillar track ConceptsComments relevant to planning the draft reviewGilles-Eric Sralini, Emilie Clair, Robin Mesnage, Steeve Gress, Nicolas Defarge, Manuela Malatesta, Didier Hennequin, Jol Spiroux de Vendmois (2012) Long end point toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup- spacious genetically modified edible corn. Food and chemic Toxic ology 50. Pg4221-4231 Peer Reviewed daybookThis composing debatees the health effects of roundup tolerant genetically modified maize complaisant with roundup weedkiller on rats over two years.The lead author on this news account is well known for his stance against genetically modified organisms and has published galore(postnominal) writings in the past relating to the same topic. The paper is well pen but sources many of the lead authors previous text file, which gives the impression of being prejudiced. It stands alone straightaway as the longest toxicity dissect of GM NK603 maize and the mercantileised herbicide it was designed to set out with.The nature of this article is intended to target an audience of professionals and members of the industry alike. However, due to its controversial conclusions, it has attracted far more(prenominal) attention through the media. The paper claims to piss evidence demonstrating that rats cater genetically modified maize cultiv ated with roundup were twice as more likely to suffer a premature death and 70% more likely in females over a two year period.Since its release many have claimed it to be solid evidence of the negative effects of ingesting GMOs, but it has come under equal fire from Monsanto and opposite scientific academies. They have claimed that flaws exist in the design of the experiment, its statistical analysis, and use of a rat species inclined to tumour formation (MacKenzie 2012).However the same species of rat was utilize in the Monsanto paper, which Seralini was challenging (Hammond et.al 2004). As the paper had attracted much attention, and there had been no protocols in place for studies of its kind, the European Food Safety Authority released its guidelines which chiefly validated the paper in question (EFSA 2013).According to the results, the common time frame of 90 days is an insufficient time frame to thoroughly analyse the toxicity of GM foods as the first signs of tumours occu rred in the midst of four to seven months into the study. A startling result shown in figure1 shows an cast up in mortality range in males per the concentration of roundup. However not much attention is drawn to this. Confronting photos of these rats cleanly in substantial pain with tumours equating to 25% of their body mass are then illustrated provoking an emotional repartee in the reader. Too few rats were in addition used in the control groups with only 10 of distributively sex.This paper go out be useful in demonstrating the extent of obvious bias seen crossways much of the search about GM foods. It was also purposely designed to mimic the methods used in Monsantos paper (Hammond et.al 2004). It claims to provide strong contradictory views that can be used in setting the context of use of the fence.The flaws present in experimentation and obvious intention of generating publicity can be roundd in assessing key elements of the controversy. B. Hammond, R. Dudek, J. Lemen, M. Nemeth. (2004) Results of a 13 week safety assurance study with rats fed grain from glyphosate tolerant corn. Food and Chemical Toxicology 42. Pg 1003-1014 Peer Reviewed daybookAll three authors of this paper are associated with Monsanto, who also provided the musical accompaniment for the paper, making the paper extremely bias and leaving no room for alternate interpretations of findings. As the sample of maize had not been adopted worldwide it can be assumed that the authors were motivated publish info confirming the safety of the product. It thoroughly documents the studys methodology and references a wide range of literature. A large number of test subjects were used in each group. Rigorous results are shown and are gain ground and easy to interpret.The paper claims to have found minimal changes in body weight, haematology and urine chemistry, and and so deem these results to be in pregnant as they fall within an average of 2 standard deviations of the people of reference controls. A paper co-authored by Searlini analysed selective information of the paper in question, noticing a significant increase in effects with relation to the dosage of GM present specifically the group fed a 33% concentration of NK603 Maize. Stating that the differences are of greater concern than suggested by Hammond (Spiroux et.al 2009).Even though these differences are acknowledge in the papers discussion, thorough interpretation of their possible impacts over an extended period of time are not discussed. As the paper reflects the current standard of evidence used for the approval of GMOs, it can be used to demonstrate the many gaps in knowledge. This allow help to reveal how despite having inconclusive results, it is compose deemed to be thorough enough to approve GM foods for widespread consumption. This speaks to broader issues regarding insufficient regulatory systems.It entrust also be used to specifically compare the findings of Seralinis paper (Seralin i et.al 2005). Judy A. Carman1, Howard R. Vlieger, Larry J. Ver Steeg, Verlyn E.Sneller, Garth W. Robinson, Catherine A. Clinch-Jones, Julie I. Haynes, John W. Edwards. A long- plowation toxicology study on pigs fed a combined genetically modified (GM) soy andGM maize diet. daybook of organic systems. Pg38-55Peer Reviewed JournalA long toxicology study of 168 pigs carried out over 22.7 weeks (being the normal career span of a commercial pig from weaning to slaughter) in order to compare the effects of diets including motley GM corn and soy and the commercial non-GM counterpart. The lead author has long been associated with anti GMO research and is the manager for the Health and Environmental interrogation institute. The paper was published in the Journal of Organic Systems, a daybook funded by the Organic Federation of Australia.The paper itself was partly funded by the Government of Western Australia, who currently favours GM crops. The second co-author Howard Vlieger is a farmer that promotes organic food production and also provided funding towards the paper. The paper claims to have successfully created a real world experiment by using product acquired from commercial farmers in accordance with the USA piggery practice. It is clearly specified how the melt down was prepared and administered but does not specify the exact conditions in which it was grown.The results of their study are shown to indicate that there was no significant changes in total body weight and death rates were similar with 13% and 14% for the non-GM fed and GM fed groups respectively. But that significant changes in stomach inflammation and uterine weights were apparent and attributed to the difference in diet as former(a) variables were controlled for. However, the study in question has its own shortcomings, and does include significant additional variables that damage the reputation of the paper. For example, the control groups food source was begrime with a median value of 0.4% GM products in Maize and 1.6% in soy, a problematic technicality in a paper trying to prove negative effects in GM.It is stated however that similar amounts of GM contaminant occurs in non-GM material in the United States but does not reference this claim. Finally the GM founder contained four different varieties of feed increasing the variables and making it out of the question to pin point an individual feed as causing harm.The author is clearly trying to change the current dogma surrounding GMOs by referring to multiple short term toxicity studies, criticising the test subject species, the way in which feed was administered, variables used to come to their conclusions and time-frame in which the studies were carried out. It is suggested that as the study utilised pigs instead of birds orfish that the data gained is more relevant to human consumption.The lead authors strong connection to the Seralini research aggroup and fundamental flaws in experimentation can be emphas ised in the context of the debate. Furthermore, as the paper has taken a different approach to setting up parameters, this can easily related to the commercial industry. It can then be concluded that the paper has particular agendas as the general public is a target audience is targeting the public audience and preaching to convert.Aysun Klc, Turan Akay. (2007) A three generation study with genetically modified Bt corn in rats Biochemical and histopathological investigation. Food and Chemical Toxicology 46. Pg1164-1170 Peer Reviewed JournalThe study was carried out across three generations of female Wistar Albino rats divided into three groups, with the third being fed a diet of BT transgenic corn. The lead author of this paper is an main(a) researcher from the university of Hacettepe in Turkey. She has published many papers on the subject of toxicity with relation to food additives and GMOs. The nature of the paper is intended for an academician audience. The authors recognize th e controversial nature surrounding the issue. Their results are approached in an entirely unbiased nature by stating they feel a substantiated answer to the safety of GM foods cannot be derived from the available literature.The paper is thoroughly indite with a wide range of sources but makes no obvious mention to the source of funding. The paper came to the conclusion that no significant changes in body and organ weights were found, but minimal histopathological differences were noticed in the coloured and kidneys as well as creatine, protein and globulin changes in a biochemical analysis. Test subjects were already 11 weeks of age(predicate) before GM feed was administered interfering with results.The concentration of GM feed was 20% which is shown to have miniature of a measurable affect as suggested in Seralinis review paper (Spiroux et.al 2009). The paper notes the strain of GM maize used but provides little information for the GM free variety. Instead of utilising their a vailable resources to test multiple variables the study uses two control groups and only one GM fed group.This paperwill provide a contrast to the other 3 papers sited as it holds no bias. Even though it has no pre-determined opinions, it still fails to provide definitive results, and the study itself has versatile shortcomings. This can again be used to show how a general privation of quality scientific research is a key calculate in driving the ongoing debate regarding the safety of GM foods.Public Attitudes towards bioengineering in Australia. Australian Government, Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.Public surveyResults of an Australian survey of public attitudes from 2009-2010 with relation to the biotechnology industry. The paper thoroughly discusses the Australian publics opinions regarding GMOs, also detailing its various other applications in the biotechnology industry. It concludes that 67% were accepting of GMOs as they realised its authorizatio n benefits. However it does show that support of GMOs has in detail decreased slightly since 2007, but that half of those opposed would change their position if long term evidence suggested GM food was safe. A further 45% of the opposed public would reconsider if detailed labelling explained what had been modified and why.Yet despite the surveys thoroughness in many areas, there are still issues. The survey presents its findings in a way that suggests it is representative of opinions of the whole of Australia, but only 1,086 people were surveyed. There is also very little explanation of the methodologies used to attain the results, nor are any of the exact questions given to the participants provided. As such, there is potential bias as questions can be designed to give a particular response.Furthermore, it is unclear as to what information about GMOs was provided to the participants, which could influence their opinions. This source will be used to summarise the effect the debate is having on the Australian public. The survey demonstrates that the controversy exists within both the scientific community and the public domain. It also helps to reveal the lack of clear information available for GMOs and how this affects realizers. This will help to confirm how divided opinions are in both the scientific and public arenas.Literature Review draft outlineUpon researching the topic it became chop-chop apparent that even though GM technology is well established being utilised in countries over the globe, there is still vast amounts of doubt over its safety and economic value. Long term toxicity papers were the focus of the draft plan as they were the source for the majority of controversy. After inspecting the papers I noticed opinionated research and data analysis as well as a lack of experimental explanation and sly tactics. Section heading(approx. wordlength)Brief outline of pithIntroduction (300)The introduction will discuss the debate that is currently being waged about the safety of genetically modified crops. This is an issue that has divided scientists and consumers alike on one hand many advocate for its safety and extensive benefits, while others are troubled by the lack of information regarding its long term health effects.I will analyse several key studies which have all played a significant role in this debate and have endeavoured to provide studies that both support and refute the safety of GMOs. I will also outline other topics surrounding the controversy, such as the need for government government to more closely regulate GMOs, specifically the privatised biotechnology companies who are largely responsible for their production.From here I will discuss the role Monsanto, an American biotech company, has played in the controversy, including information about Monsantos history, and their intricacy in research and distribution of GM crops. An constitutive(a) part of the analysis and discussion will focus on the current lack o f reliable scientific data as nearly all research carried out about GMOs is plagued with inaccuracies and conflicts of interest. From a close analysis of all of these sources, it will ultimately be clear how the controversy is being largely fuelled by the lack of reliable scientific data. History of Monsanto (300)This will elaborate on statements made in the introduction, and continues to assess the history and development of the issue. It will be necessary to discuss Monsantos belief that to account for the worlds growingpopulation, new biotechnologies need to be developed. However, the trustworthiness of the company should be called into question given its extensive history that involves the development of such detrimental products as Agent Orange.Furthermore, there are many instances where previous Monsanto employees have later been employed at various government agencies, such as the FDA, suggesting a possible conflict of interest. It will also be relevant to discuss the range o f crops that are being modified, and their prevalence across the world today. What is driving the controversy (500)This branch will form arguments questioning ideas and methodology from the literature that have shaped the issue to date, such as Conflicting results Sralinis paper shows an increase in mortality rates per roundup concentration, while Hammonds paper disregards these findings as they fall within an average of 2 standard deviations of the population reference controls. increase variables due to poor experimentation Kilics paper used 11 week old rats which had been down an unspecified feed before the experiment commenced.Carmens paper showed that trace amounts of GM feed had contaminated control groups. Overall this shows how a lack of consensus about studies findings, and problematic data continues to fuel the controversy. This is where I will site the survey conducted by the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.Implications of thecontroversy (500)Th e ongoing debate surrounding the safety of GM crops has many varied and significant implications, particularly for consumers. Given the quagmire of conflicting evidence, it becomes extremely unenviable for consumers to make informed decisions about the products they buy. It is also necessary to discuss how inaccessible much of the available data is for the general public as vast majority of studies released are targeted to other scientists.These studies consist of extensive graphs and daedal tables that are nearly impossible for the terrene person to decipher. This then leads to the public having to upon others to interpret the research, which can be informed by personal bias, creating misinformation and further confusion about the topic. Broad interpretation of the issue/consider otherfactors.(500)In this section I will broaden the scope and refer to other aspects of the GMO debate. It is classic to discuss the widespread environmental effects herbicides used on GMO crops have, especially on bee populations. As an integral part of our ecosystem, a significant decline in bee populations can have disastrous effects across the globe. There have also been various instances where GM crops have been unintentionally cross-contaminated with non GM crops.This gives rise to a myriad of issues from lawsuits between Monsanto and farmers, and for organic farmers such contamination can mean they are discredited, and many other issues besides. There are also other problems regarding Monsantos reluctance to release its scientific data for independent researchers to interpret.Conclusion (250 to300 words)From an analysis inclusive of all significant aspects of the GMO debate, it will be clear that it is the lack of sufficient data and consensus about potential health effects that continue to fuel the controversy. Because there have been no rigorous long term studies conducted about health effects GM foods may have, it is impossible to definitively say one way or the other whether they are safe for us to eat, or not.This creates a situation where bias and conflict of interest is rife as each side of the debate has the fortune to continue to argue for their respective beliefs. In a broader social context, this creates much confusion as the everyday consumer has no reliable information to make decisions by, and is thus susceptible to misinformation. Given the prevalence of GM foods and that we consume them over the course of a lifetime, consumers concerns are wholly justified, and until conclusive and unbiased data is released, the debate will continue.Key Word Search/DatabaseMonsantoGeoBaseGlyphosateCAB AbstractsGMORoundupReferences1. Debora MacKenzie. (2012). Study linking GM crops and cancer questioned. Available http//www.newscientist.com/article/dn22287-study-linking-gm-crops-and-cancer-questioned.html?full= full-strength.UhQOP94_7IU. Last accessed 25th aug 2012. 2. Aysun Klc, Turan Akay. (2007) A three generation study with genetically modified B t corn in rats Biochemical and histopathological investigation.Food and Chemical Toxicology 46. Pg1164-1170 3. B Hammond, R Dudekb, J Lemena, M Nemetha. (2004). Results of a 13 week safety assurance study with rats fed grain from glyphosate tolerant corn. Food and Chemical Toxicology. 45 (1), 1003-1014 4. European Food Safety Authority. (2013). Considerations on the applicability of OECD TG 453 to whole food/feed testing. EFSA Journal. 11 (7), 33-47. 5. Flachowsky G, Chesson A, Aulrich K. (2005).Animal nutrition with feeds from genetically modified plants. Arch AnimNutr 591 40. 6. Jol Spiroux de Vendmois, Franois Roullier, Dominique Cellier,Gilles-Eric Sralini. (2009). A Comparison of the Effects of Three GM Corn Varieties on Mammalian Health . world(prenominal) Journal of Environmental Sciences. 5 (7), 706-726. 7. Gilles-Eric Sralini, Emilie Clair, Robin Mesnage, Steeve Gress, Nicolas Defarge, Manuela Malatesta, Didier Hennequin, Jol Spiroux de Vendmois (2012) Long term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize.Food and Chemical Toxicology 50. Pg4221-4231 8. Judy A. Carman1, Howard R. Vlieger, Larry J. Ver Steeg, Verlyn E.Sneller, Garth W. Robinson, Catherine A. Clinch-Jones, Julie I. Haynes, John W. Edwards. A long-term toxicology study on pigs fed a combined genetically modified (GM) soy and GM maize diet. Journal of organic systems. Pg38-55 9. IPSOS-Eureka Social Research Institute (2010) Public Attitudes towards Biotechnology Australia, Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research

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Lane Book Rotc Essay Example for Free

Lane Book Rotc Essay get by Day and Night Land Navigation training and evaluation. (4) Conduct cardinal nights of patrol base trading operations to simulate conditions at LDAC. End State Cadets from both three universities be challenged both mentally and physically, MSIIIs are prepared for LDAC, and MSIs and MSIIs are better trained for further responsibility in the ROTC program. 4 Concept of the cognitive operation 26APR12 mannikin 1 Movement to Camp San Luis Obispo. All personnel on post, ready to train NLT 1600. consolidation and Written Land Navigation Exam (MSIIIs only). MSIs MSIIs attend round robin classes. Once the exam is finished, all cadets attend round robin training. 27APR12 Phase 3 STX Lanes, guard Base Operations, and Night Land Navigation. foremost PLT moves to East, 2nd PLT to West. Each SQD conducts 5 STX lanes. After chow, the PLT testament move as one unit to the start-off PB. They will leave their rucks and all will return for Night Land Nav. 28AP R12 Phase 4 Patrolling Lanes and Patrol Base Operations.PLTs will form into their patrolling elements and switch sides. SQD pairings will be 1/3 SQD and 2/4 SQD, each will conduct 3 lanes, after chow they will move to separate PBs. 29APR12 Phase 5 Night Land Navigation and Day Land Navigation. MSIIIs conduct Night Land Nav in front dawn. All Cadets conduct Day Land Nav after morning chow. Phase 6 Recovery and move over to Schools. Key tasks include weapons cleaning, accountability of all Cadets, sensitive items, and equipment and clearing of all facilities and training areas. 5 line of business of Operations Barracks/DFAC/Main Gate East SideWest Side 6 uncomplicated Comms Primary Communications for STX and PTRL Lanes will be wirelesss. Each respective site (East West) will use a item set of radios that will only work within the range of that training site. Radios will be issued by S-4 at he TOC prior to movement to the training areas. STX Each lane will have two radios to com municate between Evaluator and OPFOR. Each lane will remain on their assign.Patrol is assigned two radios for communication between PL and APL. Prior to beginning the lane, change CHANNEL to the specific lane you will be running. NET CALL At the conclusion of the AAR, the Evaluator(s) will move the SQD or PTRL to the next lane. For STX, prove a positive link-up and return to your assigned lane Prior to the start of each rotation, CDT OICs will radio each Evaluator to confirm SQD arrival.

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The Benefits of Healthy Eating Essay Example for Free

The Benefits of Healthy Eating Essay f are is the key to life. We bespeak food for the radicals of everyday life to pump blood, move our tree trunk, and think thoughts. We screw eat to dwell well, live longer, and extend the quality of life. Eating is one of lifes sterling(prenominal) pleasures. It is similarly a powerful way to enhance or impair your health. Most of us are aware that food choices are important to health very few people truly corroborate that foods decease the bounce promote health. occidental medicine is so focused on treating disease that prevention is often ignored. Part of disease prevention is making sure you are eating foods that are salutary and intellectual nourishment dense.To function to the best of our dead corpses ability it requires balance and harmony. The best place to start is with sinewy eating. The benefits of sizable eating are exceptional and there are mevery far-off- reaching health advantages and gains that tail assemblyn ot be over odoured. Healthy eating practices are important in shaping lifelong behaviors, as well as affecting ones health and wellness. Harvard School of Public Health ch completelyenges us all to follow a fit foods diet to see how it can tiller a positive impact on your health. Vegetables and fruits are distinctly an important part of a good diet. Most everyone can benefit from eating ore of them, but variation is as important as quantity. No single fruit or vegetable provides all the nutrients you need to be healthy. The key lies in the variety of different vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins that you eat daily(Vegetables And Fruits Get survey Everyday,). Everyone from a small child to a mature adult requires a healthy eating enclothe to be physically in peak form.The food you eat can influence how you feel and how you look they can affect your health. The health benefits associated with healthy eating include maintain a healthy carcass weight, lower blood pressure, ower cholesterol, healthy blood sugar levels, and a decreased risk of developing amount disease, diabetes, and cancer. These health benefits will also allow you to have to a greater extent energy, think more clearly, and have an alter quality of life. Your body runs on fuel in the form of food, and if the fuel you put in your body is not high grade, you should not expect your body to give you peak surgery. To keep your body path to the best of its ability, it is up to you to feed it healthy foods (Covelli, 2011). As noted in the book Eating salubrious For Optimum Health Weil, 2000, p5), healthy eating is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. Hippocrates advised people to allow food be your medicine and medicine be your food. Healthy eating is not just closely extending life but about extending the quality of life. It is probably the easiest and most important way in which you can keep active and shield yourself from the many diseases that have become more commo n, as we grow older. By eating healthy you will boost your energy levels, improve your bodily functions, serve up to improve your tolerant system, get better sleep, and even have more radiant skin.Who does not want to feel more energetic and lively? You will be able to manage more tasks and more importantly, you will live life to the across-the-boardest. I do not make out about you but having radiant skin sounds wonderful, quite of having gross cellulite. What you put on your plate, day after day, will play a major role, on with your genes, in determining whether you will live a long healthy life or soften to a heart attack, a stroke, type 2 diabetes, or cancer. If you look closely at all diseases, one thing pops out at you they are all reversible. In addition to supplying the basic take of the body for calories and utrition, a healthy diet should also reduce risks of disease and fortify the bodys defenses and intrinsic mechanisms of healing.Even small changes in your eating habits can make a loose difference in your body and the way you feel. A healthy diet leads to a better performance of the body and mind. What you put into your body not only affects your physical well being, but also can impact your psychological well-being. Foods influence mood and contribute to both positive and minus feelings. Therefore, making healthy good choices can contribute to a variety of improvements to your mental and sychological well-being. Eating a healthy, well equilibrize diet has been shown to impact a number of mental health conditions positively. It can help reduce the negative symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, reduce depression symptoms, reduce anxiety, and reduce chances of bi polar episodes.The typical Western diet that is high in sugar, processed foods, and alcohol tends to aggravate these disorders. According to Andrew Weil, MD (2012), many studies cogitate specific nutrient deficiencies to suboptimal brain function and mental / emot ional health. The most important by far is the lack of omega-3 fatty cids. These special fats are critically important for mental health. The body needs regular daily intake of adequate amounts of both EPA and DHA, two long chain omega-3 fats. kickoff levels of DHA might increase the chances of developing dementia. The lack of vital nutrients in our diet can be responsible for exacerbating the symptoms of some pre existing mental health conditions. Keeping your brain sharp and functioning at its best can make you feel better about your abilities as you age and will help you remain active, which can also help reduce your chances of experiencing depression. Following a healthy ating regime leads to spicy in a lifestyle that is fulfilling, beneficial, and might possibly offset the desire to change any separate harmful habits. Our bodies and our minds are connected. Stress can take a toll on our physical health.By understanding that unhealthy eating causes more stress on our bodies a nd how that impacts our health, we can begin to take move to laying the foundation for complete health by changing our eating from unhealthy to healthy. It is important to know how eating healthy and unhealthy foods affects your body. The brain is one of the most important organs in the body to keep well ed, and a healthful diet is essential to keep it running at full capacity. Your brain cells require twice as much chemical energy from your diet as any other cell in your body. When you are eating unhealthy it hinders brain function and causes reduced self-esteem, stress, stupefied thinking, mood swings, and confusion. If you are not eating nutrient rich foods most of the time, your brain cannot produce substances necessary to maintain a healthy mood. The foods you eat can have an immediate impact on your mood. current foods trigger neurotransmitters in the brain that can reduce stress and promote calmness.Eating foods high in vitamin D, serotonin, folate, B3, and B12 are excell ent for your emotional well being. When you are feeling emotionally well you are also able to handle stress in a positive manner. Choosing foods healthy and nutritious can give you a sense of control and allow you to feel proud of yourself. These increases in positive feelings for yourself and improvements in your appearance can result in your overall self esteem. The foods you eat now can result in good or bad health in the future. As Dr. Gillian McKeith (2006), has said many times in her book and on her television show You Are What You Eat.Healthy eating simply nitty-gritty having foods that aid in the growth of the body, improve many functions, provide protection from diseases, and help in construction a strong immune system. To eat healthy is much easier than you think. Taking small simple steps that together add up to a huge leap forward in your health. Diet has a special significance among lifestyle factors in that people have total control over it. beingness able to funct ion better is something that everyone wants to see happen in their bodies. You are only as healthy as the natural world in which you live. The gains from ealthy eating are tremendous and more than worth it. So go ahead follow a diet full of healthy foods and see how it can make a positive impact on your health and life. References Covelli, G. (2011). How Eating Healthy amp Unhealthy Foods attain Your Body. Retrieved from http//www. livestrong. com/article/41294-eating-unhealthy-foods-affects/ McKeith, Dr. G. (2006). You Are What You Eat Vegetables and Fruits Get Plenty Everyday. (). Retrieved from http//www. hsph. harvard. edu/nutritionsource/vegetables-full-story/bottom_line Weil, MD, A. (2000). Eating Well For Optimum Health Weil, MD, A. (2012). unrehearsed Happiness