Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Multiculturalism - Freedom, Recognition and Authenticity Essay

Multiculturalism - Freedom, citation and Authenticity - Essay ExampleIt is often thought that this is the best framework that would accommodate different split of the population, especially if they come from various cultural, religious or other(a) backgrounds (Appiah 2007, p. 14). Nevertheless, I have considered some of the peculiarities of it and came to a conclusion that that it may be flawed to a certain extent.A. That is exactly what I wanted to mouth about. Do not you, wise men, think that this is too unrealistic? Equal respect is truly a platform that the stability of a diverse alliance rests on, but it is too abstract, especially when it comes to actual cover (Abbey 2000, p. 118).B. Our friend is absolutely right here, equality is something that can hardly be achieved in a society where citizens are different in numerous aspects, starting from the level of income and up to the very place where they live. It is approximately impossible to create equal conditions for ever yone.A. C, my friend, I can see where you are going with this, but I would like to point out that the regime of equal respect, the one that you like so much, is actually stark to difference (Ferrelly 2004, p. 88).B. I fully agree. C, you see, diversity is a factor that is dynamic, it is not static in other words, one can hardly make a set of coordinates that would include all the differences and find harmony between them. In addition to that, acknowledgement of difference requires a constant change with in the societal framework.A. Exactly Do not you see that this is absolutely the opposite of what the system was designed for. The universal screening that you have mentioned relies on one size fits all ideology. In other words, while claiming to respect the difference, this politics actually eliminates it (Fraser & Honneth, 2003, p. 30).B. Indeed, if two groups of people believe in different, sometimes opposite values, do you think that at that place can be a single policy that would unite them. Nevertheless, if the principle of

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