Saturday, April 27, 2019

Critique the Article Critical Thought Assignment

Critique the Article Critical Thought - Assignment ExampleThe participants argon not compensated of the losses that they undergo due to the unexpected postulates. Thought the whole article, the author shows disfavor of the trade unions and the subroutines that they play in advocating the rights of the workers. He simply agitates for proactive planning and foreseeing such events before they happen, and therefore plan in good time (Jay, pg. 28).The labor unions play a very critical role in the life of the workers. It advocates their rights, which includes wages, allowances and good working environment. The author is not sensitive to the needs of the workers when he disregards the strikes and their agitation for their needs. Essentially, the management of the institutions that took place in the strike is to blame. Why could they not settle the issues with the workers and prevent the occurrence of the strike?Even as far as the workers have their right to protest against poor working conditions, they should be strategic in their planning. They do not want to call for a strike, and no step is interpreted to improve their grievances. They possess the power to power to dictate what they want as long as it is in line with the operations of the firm. There is no problem with the workers calling for a strike before a big event, as it likely to be felt more than before. In summation, the authors touch sensation is contrary to the rights of the workers. He is too much on the unexpected losses caused due to the sudden

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