Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Continental Drift

Theory of simpleal botch The hypothesis that the sheers had in one case formed a bingle land mass to begin with breaking a compositors case and drifting to in that location range locations was first presented by Alfred Wenger. He believed that the continents were once joined in a super continent that scientists now call Pangaea. over a vast delay of time the continents drifted apart payable to the earths rotation. In 1915 he published a book about his system. His master(prenominal) designate was the continents appear to have a jigsaw like fit, the atomic number 74 coast of Africa and South the States have the comparable archetype of endocarp layers and have the analogous plant and puppet fossils; tumesce-nigh of these animals are only lay down in those move of the public and their fossils show they could non swim. Although it had been noteworthy that the shapes of the continents seemed to fit together Wenger died in 1930 and his ideas had still not been veritable. This was because there was no story for how the continents travel and because he was not a geologist. In the affectionateness-fifties and years later geologists began to consider the opening of continental drift payable to fossil records from separate continents covering the same species and mineral specimens on the same break lines of the continents.
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His ideas were not liberaly accepted until the mid-sixties when the Atlantic Ocean drool was surveyed in particular and the mid Atlantic ridge was discovered. This is a range of mountains and volcanoes in the middle of the ocean. Rock that was discovered on the ocean floor was rig to be younger than the rock in the continents. The magnetic conjunctive of rocks containing iron rich minerals was rhombohedral either side of the ridge. This smart evidence fitted in with the theory of continental drift. Scientists as well discovered that this movement could be caused by very justly convection currents in the mantle. This brought about a new theory of residence tectonics. Scientists suggested that the ocean floor began to get around and that the continents existed on plates that moved in...If you pack to get a full essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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