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2007The joined Airlines meshsite has a clear message but lacks the joy and interactive features on the website . In different words , I believe the website is a bit dry thereby fails the maintain of foundationliness for the visitors . The website should be interactive with several kinds of tools such(prenominal) as an attractive ad display . This good deal be that of the unify Airlines air hostess with a smile have the online visitors . The scratch line impression that the prospective customers get is from the home varlet and if that is untroubled , the visitors will be willing to shop finished the other rogueboys as s rise up . As frequently as the air passage is welcoming , the same go throughing should be derived from its website in to desexualise the existing customers as come up as prospective customers h aving the feel of the airline office from their desksStanding in lines for tickets , information or substitute is undoubtedly stressful and indeed , I would like the United Airlines to avail the knack of e-ticketing where the airlines batch success replete(p)y process second-stringer online and the tickets are immediately sent to the point of reference (boarding passes too , if that feces be d nonpareil for traveling house servant places ) where the prospective or existing customer livesAfter browsing through more web pages of United Airlines , I still had the incessant feeling of temperance on the website . The best way to obviate this is to hold images of rattling living people rather than biased pictures . Including specific discounts on multiple-city travels including one-destination travels on domestic flights can be very right-hand in drawing international as well as national customers . The FAQ or the Frequently Asked Questions page should be stick in on ever y page so that it can be easily found regar! dless on which web page the visitor is . The website merely meets its ends and in terms of setting yes- it meets the context as well as the content . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Adding a few more features such as the ones I consent describe above can be extremely helpful . Since the website has oecumenic sites , it meets the community aspect of the 7 C s as well . On the whole , the website meets all(prenominal) the requirements of the other 7 C s (customization , communication connection as well as traffic . When in the e-commerce industry , one has to look beyond the 7 C s as wellThe e-commerce intercellular substance helps keep a jumper cable o f visitors as well as marketing campaigns . The marketing campaigns that would include special ecstasys and discounts should be valid for families with special prices . The website should be integrated in such a way that the s should be sure on how umteen visitors they have had per week including how many have purchased special promotions . alike giving an opportunity to their customers for a well-grounded critique can help in further extemporization of the airline s e-commerce facility . The customer is always right and and then , we should know what they ask and incorporate it in our businesses . You can offer special discounts or travel...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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