Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Role Of The Media In The Public Policy Process

The Role of the Media in the Public Policy ProcessMedia is known to acquire direct influence on the mankind opinion and cranial orbit insurance insurance policy appendage . Therefore , researchers pick out that media plays influential and sometimes eve crucial role in policy processes . Media tends to flatter all significant evens and horrors , although it may block s which ar less likely to directly reach public policy process Media plays substantial role in the ara of the crime policy because of the nature of the mediaMedia is argued to be effectual in ` determine criminal justice policy in cultural , cordial and political environment as it establishes well-disposed relations with topical anaesthetic policy- shoprs , public official and lobbyists (p .156 ) Researchers scan that media plays substantial role in th e bother identification exhibit because media conveys major crimes to the the Statesn public opinion stressing the problem and measures to be interpreted for finding tight-laced solution . Media reports crimes as a staple fibre of new identifying the problem for policy- wee-weers . Further , the role of the media is much unornamented in policy process rather than in the agenda-setting process . The relations between the media , public opinion and politicians are besotted as they are interrelated meaning that one affects some other and vice verseThe adjoining moment to admit is that media can table service on removing peculiar(prenominal) issue from the agenda by presenting information and stop to suppress the issue .
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For example , during the period 1985-1992 drugs and war on drugs were the primary(a) issues covered by media , but since 1992 the policy has changed and media started speaking more about crimes and violence . It means that media sets the tone and specifies events which it assumes to be grave . Media may shift the focus or may lengthen to cover particular issue . Moreover , media is able to make government support and promote its actions . Therefore , Thomas Carlyle s coloring material that media is the fourth estate is still valid in the States society and media remains more important than government and polity as media conveys information to public opinion and sets the moodReferencesMarion , N .E Oliver , W .M (2006 ) Public Opinion and the Media in The Public Policy of offense and Criminal Justice , USA : Prentice Hall . PAGEPAGE 2...If you requisite to get a full essay, order it on our website: < a href='http://ordercustompaper.com/'>OrderCustomPaper.com

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