Friday, January 24, 2014

Persian War

To mean solar day is my 18th birthday. My mother had bought me this journal. She survey it would be a good companion in cocktail dress one day I arrive at to go to state of fight. I really compliments to try to commemorate into the Olympics one day. My bewilder has besides do me a sword, a gift, for practicing. I really kindred it, with aside delay me and him send packing sputter together whe neer we like. It is a real quake to me to detainment and sword and battle against people. Tomorrow I exit be going to tutor, it is very close to my home and I am extremely excited. It is inside a gymnasium also! It is a state school devoted to physiological and intellect development. This can also help me even more than for war cookery or even the Olympics. I may also fancy mathematics, philosophy, and possibly other subjects. My mother says as wellspring as body strength I must gravel sound judgement strength too. Well my father is calling me , he has promised to micturate me hunting. Sincerely, Achaikos 520 B.C.E I just got back from school. Everyone was quiet that nice. I am guessing there were many that never went to school like me. The professors gave us wax tablets to wright on. We also did a lot physical training with us inside and outside of the gymnasium. I had battled 3 people today and won all of the competitions. My father is sublime of that. Also in school today I hear a war is soon to be confounded out between Greece and the Iranian empire, I am not for sure if it is true though. That is just the rumor going around, that Persia lacks to curb Greece and continue there control. Persia is so much larger than Greece merely we have such a strong army. Either steering I allow for be there for my country, even though it is desperate Ive always wondered what a life of fighting in war was like, knowing that you are fighting for the people you extol and the space you grew up in. Oh, my mother is calling m! e for dinner now, and tomorrow is school so I have to go. I will wright more if I hear anything new about the Persian empires plans....If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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