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Sociology 100: Introduction to Sociology Nina Chapman Spring 2011 Office: Admin 225(714) 895-8300 USE quarrel EMAIL DURING SEMESTER! Office Hours: M/W: 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Texts:Essentials of Sociology: A Down To Earth Approach, James Henslin, one-ninth Edition, Allyn & Bacon Publishers. Course Requirements and Grading: There ar three midterm examination exams, and a cumulative closing exam. The lowest tote up on the three midterm exams testament be dropped. The midterm exams and the final exam are worth 100 points to each one. The innate contingent from these is 300 points and the scores on the tests will organic law 60% of the course grade. The remaining 40% will be do up of sort out sermon Assignments. Grades will be ground on a curve once tout ensemble points are summed. This means you will not see a earn grade until the end of the semester. The grades will be found upon the highest score earned in the class, NOT the highes t score possible. Group Discussion Assignments (GDAs) are due weekly. For each assignment, answer the questions constitute thought widey and thoroughly. These assignments make up 40% of your grade, so slay them soberly and submit them on time. Two comments on each GDA are REQUIRED in the Discussion Area unless note otherwise. ascribable dates will be enforced. academician Honesty: Academic candor is required. Proof of academic dishonesty on tests, root word handling assignments, online assignments or any assigned work will core in an F for this course, and mandatory reporting to the feebleness chairman of Student Services. I week of April 4 divert evidence Henslin, Chs 1 & 2. Introduce Yourself, GDA 1. II hebdomad of April 11 Please read Henslin Chs 3 & 4. GDA 2. IIIWeek of April 18 Exam 1: Chs 1- 4, available online from midnight 4/21 thru 11:55 p.m.4/23. Please read Henslin, Chs 5 & 6. GDA 3. IV Week of April 25 Please read Henslin, Chs 7 & 8. GDA 4. VWeek of May 2 Please read ! Henslin, Chs 9 & 10. GDA 5. .?VIWeek of May 9...If you want to get a adept essay, order it on our website:

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