Saturday, February 8, 2014

Silk Road

The Silk Roads From the time period of 200 B.C. to 1450 C.E. the silk roads went with changes, provided also stayed the same in some aspects. The silk roads were hold for the economic consumption of foresightful distance trade mingled with Asia and Europe. Since this was the chief(prenominal) purpose of the silk roads, the trade between these regions continued end-to-end the 1,650-year span. also the fact that trade continued, some things did change. The manufactured products and agricultural goods changed end-to-end time. The over send of ideas, values, and religious beliefs of merchants along the silk roads continued, as did the spread of epidemics. The culture and political structure of the regions that used the silk roads changed dramatic each(prenominal)y. transport also had an impact on the silk roads and the Silk Road sea-lanes. many things about the silk roads changed over time, but in another(prenominal) ship canal the Silk Road stayed the same and always had the same purpose of long distance trade. The trade along the silk roads was, at first, pore on certain everyday products. From China the principal(prenominal) commodities were silk and spices. Central Asia exported travail and strong horses. The Roman Empire provided glassware, jewelry, bronze, art, pottery, textiles, wine, silver, and gold. every last(predicate) of these products were the most popular along the silk roads. However, over time the necessary for finer swap increased. The rich bought more and more of the profuse items from other regions. split of the social classes became based around the items you had pile up from all(a) over the trade routes. Merchants along the Silk Road squeeze the produce that they encountered. The merchants would share their beliefs and values with other people and those people would sometimes take on those values and beliefs. This is how religions spread to variant regions. For example, Buddhism, Christianity, and Hinduism were all spread using the silk roads. Missio! naries and merchants would spread their beliefs with anyone who would listen. The...If you want to stay locate a full essay, order it on our website:

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