Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Dream

I was at this fair-like environ with rides, food stands and a carry on of throng, especially, children running around. I guess that I was thither with Boris, Helen and cardinal more people that I think, are a socio-economic class older than me like Helen and Boris are. At original I wasnt sure where I was scarcely I knew that we had except terminus eating and we were walking outside of the set out where we just ingest at to go and provoke in government note somewhere. stand up in line, bored and impatient, I checked on my call up for a little entertainment. I was scrolling down on my instagram and because I saw a post from a salutary friend of mine, Jeffrey. The post was a picture of him standing at a fair. Right when I saw that post, literally 10 seconds later, I saw Jeffrey perfunctory by and thats how I knew exactly where I was. sise flags. So, I got out of the line to try and find Jeffrey scarcely as I unploughed walking around, he seemed to be gone and I wa s just lost, surrounded by people I dont know. As I walked in spite of appearance the crowd, I saw an pioneer seat and Evan, a significant acquaintance of mine, was there. Then it got me thinking, Is she here with Jeffrey? Are they together? Evan is a seventeen-year-old girl that I knew from facebook. At scratch we just handle the fact that were friends on facebook, thusly it turned in to us liking each(prenominal) others pictures, to commenting on pictures and finally got to start our first conversation. She then posted her snapchat floor and I calculate since she knew who I was and weve talked to each other, that it would be okeh if I added her on snapchat and so I did. Adding her on snapchat was a great idea. She was excited near me adding her and we had a great conversation. We talked some hanging out for the first duration but we had to arrest until we were at the same place at the same time because she is half way across the world. So I figured talking to her wou ld be an dire idea. I went to the open space where she was standing but then she disappeare...

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