Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Canada and Misconceptions of Poverty

In a news article by CTV concerning, Myths about Canadas Poor Endure, a crown finds that more Canadians do not understand the severity of beggary and the detrimental affects it has. The public choose it is those in beggarys fault that they atomic number 18 poor, as they are lazy and do not want to rent a job. A summit d one and only(a) by the repurchase Army revealed that Canadians see poverty as the third most(prenominal) important issue in the country yet, they do not accurately know what it factor to be poor. The public do not understand the achievement to which systemic barriers and minimum net profit make it difficult for many to make a biography for themselves or their family, stripping those in poverty of their dignity. \nThe article by CTV news is a sensible media portrayal of the unrea tendic myths lavatory penury. Outlining the importance of enlightening and educating the public, dapple presenting factors that put the myths to rest. Not naming blame or mo ve to un commonsensical conclusions for the occurrence of these myths, leads one to deem that it is a bring together portrayal. Although, the article does not present how the data was analyzed or how the sample size was selected, I throw assumed it is well-grounded and reliable as CTV is a reliable source. However, biases may have occurred as those asked to comment on the poll were all working(a) towards the eradication of poverty, consequently their opinions provide be one sided. go some problems may arise, the general use of statistics, reliable sources and distinguishable opinions makes what is being said believable, thus framing a reasonable article.\nImpoverishment, specifically referring to the myths surrounding it such(prenominal) as, those in poverty are lazy, have low clean-living values and could find a job if they really wanted, is a social issue that should not exist. One in 11 Canadians (about three million people) resist in poverty, but hardly a(prenominal ) people have a realistic view of what it promoter to be poorA long list of factors including low paid jobs, wishing of access to job traini...

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