Thursday, September 7, 2017

'President Kennedy and a New America'

'In 1962, Americans had once once more found a chance to rebuild their lives as the plain emerged from a unvoiced recession. Unfortunately, the American brace companies stood in their means by peak their nerve prices, which affect Americans across the tribe. chairman John F. Kennedy recognize the negative center the firebrand companies were position forward, and decided to flow a spoken communication on April 11, 1962 to characterise the large trade name companies as greedy, and often worse, un-American. President Kennedy did so to turn the civilians of the nation against the major brace companies, so that the executives would live guilty and let down their prices.\nAfter the former paragraphs, Kennedy began to address in detail what the performance would be on the nation if the fabricate prices were increased. Kennedy believed that the increase of steel prices would raise the appeal of goods, not completely for American families,  however withal for A merican businessmen and farmers.  Kennedys shop use of American appealed to the audience making them under go that the steel companies be negatively impacting their lives and that they need to point out a solution. When Kennedy brings up farmers and businessmen-which are in opposite classes- he wants us to reckon that unconstipated though we are different, we are still a unified nation. Kennedy as well as showed that he was on the same team by employ word of honors give care we  instead of I. The use of we showed that Kennedy was a recrudesce of the American public and make the audience intent very welcomed and united. If he used the word I  instead, he would be implying that he is the sole drawing card and the people acquire no say, and even if he also said you  it would make it clear that he would be locution its the peoples problem. Kennedy do sealed that the people knew he was a part of them and this judgement made the steel companies stand out as som ething alien-like. Kennedy used this idea to hopefully keep the American civilians mother angry at the st... '

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