Saturday, March 23, 2019

Beyond the Disability Essay -- Interview Essay

Born in Northern Ireland, Eamonn McGirr began his career not as the lively, captivating performer he is now known as, but as a mathematics professor. I had the opportunity to meet and interview Mr. McGirr plot of ground working for the school newspaper. After interviewing Mr. McGirr it is easy to envision him amongst a classroom of young students. Not only is he articulate and engaging, but steady more striking is the overwhelming sincerity and compassion he radiated passim our conversation. Mr. McGirr has been an active member of the disabled community for some time now. His briny motivation to become an active participant has been his daughter Mareena. Mareena has cerebral paralysis and Mr. McGirr has worked tirelessly to raise support for individuals living with C.P., as well as other disabilities. It comes with unfortunate irony that he, a bastion of strength for the disabled community, has recently suffered his own physical trauma. It was just over a grade ago that Mr. McGirr suffered a spinal injury that has left him in a wheelchair, as well as severely limiting the movement in his hands. During his six months in the hospital Mr. McGirr felt periods of great discouragement. He feared that his sinless life would need reconstruction. There were even moments when the doctors had indicated that there was no commit that he would ever perform again. However, with the support of Mareena and his wife Mary, Mr. McGirr found expect when things seemed hopeless. After receiving a deluge of inspirational letters ranging from Governor Pataki to other individuals suffering their own personal disabilities, Mr. McGirr decided it was time to return scale and begin his life again. His stories were not sugar-coated... ...e sums of m peerlessy, every little bit helps. In spreading the word, we fuck get many small donations that together can make a real difference in the life of one individual. Prior to our interview, I had only known Eamonn McGirr as the pe rformer who render tirelessly for 11 days and 20 minutes, breaking his fifth Guinness humanness Record - all in the name of the Center for the Disabled. However, after our interview, I had respect and admiration for a man who not only disposed himself to a cause, but has done so with a passion and hullabaloo scarcely found. Eamonn McGirr has given himself fully to the disability movement and now, himself living with a disability, continues to work at full throttle. Mr. McGirr stands out as a diametric and significant figure in the disability movement, and I believe he has set a precedent that will inspire and motivate generations to come.

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