Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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     I visited the stratagem gallery this month they are featuring Larry Kirkwoods Body Image Project. Thepurpose of this exhibit to to help plenty understand that its who we are on the inside that manufactures us gorgeous. The first function I saw when I cracked into the gallery was a big art object of cardboard with pictures from magazines and people who visited made comments about them. Overall, every unmatched who commented stated that beauty that we plan in magazines is non real. The people in the magazines send the message that you arent beautiful if you dont look like them. But in reality beauty is whatever you see it as, not how you look. This exihibit shows that beauty is found in all shapes and sizes, not just one shape and size. As I continued to walk around I saw all different body shapes. for each one of them were beautiful in their own way. There was one body of a womanhood who was 56 days old. Her chest was not that of a normal woman because her dresser implants leaked, and left indentations in her chest. There was another woman who had one breast removed and wanted to be a part of this art because she wanted to offer hope to those who are going through breast cancer. After I left the exhibit I went to the artists website, he has pictures of some(prenominal) of the bodies hes casted and why each of them is beautiful. Also on the website he has his mission of this project. He says his mission is to " give you a to a greater extent honest and healthy make of who we really are physically." As an example of that there is a case who, in the past was bulemic. She still thinks shes fat, but now she has a more realistic view of what she looks like. One man stated that the media is trying to make people feel ugly and disgusting. One of his examples was a few years ago he saw a shampoo commercial on tv. A man was in an elevator and noticed he had a few dandruff flakes on his shoulder.

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