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Causes And Effects Of Traffic Congestion Tourism Essay

Causes And Effects Of Traffic Congestion Tourism EssayJain, Sharma and Subramanian mentioned that congestion in the United States has growthd dramatically since the last twenty-five years, which is the same as legion(predicate) countries that misfortunate from profession congestion currently. From the authors prospective, one of the major causes of dealings imperativeness in the most cities is poor course dealing attention system.Increasing of merchandise congestion every year is causing increase of telephone circuit pollution, wasting of beat and productivity and causes diverse diseases such as, respiratory diseases. Moreover, the cost of solving or reducing traffic congestion is enormous. However, neglecting the traffic jam problem would increase the social problems among citizens.The next part of this experiment illustrates many causes of traffic congestion in distinct cities around the world, and the set up of these causes on the environment. Furthermore, the solut ions that solved the traffic jam problem, and the suggested solutions that could help to concentrate the congestion in few cities.Causes and EffectsThis part of the essay demonstrates many causes, effects and possible solutions of traffic congestion problems.1. Los Angeles (USA).Causes and EffectsOne of the main causes of traffic congestion in Los Angeles (United States of America) is car culture, which manner many pile in the metropolis or county owned private cars (Thisdell, 1993). Additionally, the land-use pattern is an important modestness that dumbfounds sight in Los Angeles were using private cars widely and made disco biscuit planning difficult. Furthermore, traffic congestion increased due to no thermionic valve railway and public transport in Los Angeles. Moreover, the high numbers of vehicles, which be a result of over existence and the scotch growth, and the weak of public transportation, have a negative effect on the environment such as air pollution, which happened on Saturday when commuter traffic is insignifi nookiet. Sorensen (2009) illustrated many reasons that make Los Angeles have traffic congestion such as Common misconceptions and high regional population density. As an example of common misconceptions, people in Los Angeles love cars driving, which means the relation between people and their cars is very strong and described as loves relation. As an example of high regional population density is number one woods were non consider roadstead as a problem of traffic congestion. Sorensen verbalise that high population and some of the other factors that aforementioned could also make the traffic jam worse.SolutionsThisdell (1993) mentioned that Los Angeles County transportation committee said creates more roads for cars forget not solve traffic congestion problems, with increasing numbers of people and vehicles. Also, traditional public transport such as buses will be more efficacious in limited areas only. The committee suggested that underpass system, which is a complete project of public transport including underground railways, buses and maturation motorways. It is lite that, the system has many advantages such as reducing time loss, increase productivity and cut pollution. However, the cost of reservation just the source part of Metro project was $1.35 billion. In addition, there are some threats to human life such as, gas and earthquakes. Sorensen (2009) mentioned intimately some little(a) strategies that can solve traffic problem in Los Angeles such as, encourage people to use ride-sharing and bicycles, improve the system of controlling the traffic fall down and make it more efficient, which are in high-ticket(prenominal) solutions but very effective and eco-friendly. The other solution is Peak -hour road pricing which make people pay some money to drive on specific roads at specific period of the day Downs (2004). This solution makes roads expensive and avoids traffic congestion at peak hours.2. Dhaka (Bangladesh).Causes and EffectsThe sustain cause that makes traffic congestion is lack of planning of city roads. check to Mahmud et al. (2012), Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, is one of the most densely populated cities in the satisfying world. The population exceeded twelve million and still increasing daily making the traffic jams a bear-sized issue for Dhaka government. harmonise to their survey, many reasons cause this congestion such as, huge number of people vital in the city and owned their cars and traffic rule violation. In addition, the roads are narrow, lack of Planning of the citys roads and bad traffic signalling. It is clear from the survey that the citys roads are the most problems that causing traffic congestion. referable to traffic jam, there are many impacts on the economy, peoples health and the environment. The economic impact describes as people losing some working hours, cars consumed more give the sack and vehicle maintenance cost. Furthermore, people in Dhaka are suffering from inconvenience, breathing and eye problems which caused by pollution. Additionally, environmental problems such as, air and snuff it pollution are threatening peoples confronts. Dey et al, (2002) mentioned that 86% of the general people who live in Dhaka considered noise pollution are a big issue for them. For instance, a high percentage of students said they studied in a noisy environment.SolutionsMany solutions considered for solving Dhaka traffic congestion.According to Mahmud et al. (2012) survey, leash different points to curb traffic jam were mentioned as follows the for the first time point is considered residents point of view figure1, which including suggestions such as, increasing peoples awareness about traffic causes and their impact on the environment. In addition to that, 16% of people think that meliorate public transport is an important solution that can reduce the cost and time for them. As well as, scheduling diff erent times to commence schools and government offices to avoid a traffic jam on the roads. The second point is vehicles considerations figure2, which mean vehicle operators, could help to reduce traffic congestion. It is clear from figure2 that, 41% of operators considered making strict rules of the roads, that every driver should follow these rules, as an effective solution to curb traffic jam. Moreover, 16% of the operators suggested decentralization solution, which means distribute the main offices and shopping centres far from city centre to avoid a huge traffic on the road going there .The third point takes the experts point of view, which were classified into three parts. The first part is the short-term solution (5 years) that can reduce roads jam temporarily as improving traffic light systems and increase the parking prices. The second part is the medium-term solution (5-10 years), such as improving the railways and makes it more efficient. The third part is the long-term s olution (

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