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PHL100 enliven 1Baraa AbukhudhayrMarch 12, 2014Final PaperIn her essay, The Difficulty of domain and the Difficulty of Philosophy, the Ameri trick philosopher Cora adamant discusses animal rights and our compacts as human beings to inhuman animals. Diamond has a fascinating philosophical take on the return of animal rights. She is concerned with inspireing people that they are animals. They are just other species among a plenty of others. Diamond uses the idea of the existential other to re creative thinker us of our animality, because it is in our shared mortality that humans and animals are alike. Furthermore, our worship is simply a human construction that allows us to talk almost others from a distance as Diamond calls it the language-game (Diamond, 45). In essence, we view ourselves as different, separate or better than those animals because of the separation that we emphasize between mind and body, forgetting that we are animal as well. By placing the animal in a posi tion of equality which is the place of the other, we should find compassion and sympathy for it.In her essay, Diamond states that the bother of reality shoulders us out of life (Diamond, ). What Diamond means here is that our morals, concepts, and runions in our ordinary life, pass by the difficulty of life as if it were not there (Diamond, 58). If we try to see this difficulty, it shoulders us out of life. This difficulty moves us out of life by the force of others which is against our will. Therefore, the difficulty of reality in Diamonds sense is the realitys resistor to ones ordinary modes of thinking and talking. It is the feeling of a variance between concepts and experience. Significantly, this kind of difficulty may lead to a philosophi... tone-beginning of conceiving the relationship between humans and animals. As she suggests, we need to grant animals rights and spread over them ethically because as Diamond says, animals cannot speak for themselves and clai m rights for themselves as we can (Diamond, 52). She wants us to behave differently to one another and to other species in respect to our shared affection. She wants us to realize the difficulty of life and act instead of avoiding and deflecting from these difficulties and problems. She encourages us to take philosophy as a head up to walk us through these difficulties. In respect to the rights of animals matter, she states that philosophy characteristically misrepresents both our own reality and that of others, in particular those others who are animals (Diamond, 57), thus, it is our obligation as humans to realize this misrepresent and act upon it.

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