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Alaina NovotnyFebruary 19, 2014Research PaperJackie Joyner-Kersee is an intelligent, generous, fun-loving famous African American who happens to also be an Olympic heptathlete. Inspite of growing up in a big family, a dangerous neighborhood, and with little capital, she grew up to be the get in holder of the long jump and to own many Olympic medals.Jacqueline Joyner, astray known as Jackie Joyner, was born March 3, 1962 in East St. Louis, Illinois. She was named Jacqueline later President John Kennedys wife. When she was born, her grandmother predicted, Someday this girl volition be the first lady of something. (Source 2) Oddly enough, her prediction came true.The Joyner family consisted of Alfred, bloody shame, Al, Jackie, Angela, and Debra. Jackies family was Baptist. bloody shame and Alfred Joyner needed to work hard to help support their family, since they married at a young age. Mary worked as a nurses assistant at St. Marys Hospital. The family was very poor. Most of thei r dinners were scratching and mayonnaise. Also, Jackie only owned one pair of shoes.Additionally, Jackie participated in many varied sports. When she was younger, Jackie studied modern dance and she was in a dance separate called the Fabulous Dolls. This was what Jackie thought she wanted to do with her life, until her dance coach incidentally died. She could not move on after that incident. Along with dance, she was also a cheerleader. She participated most of her sports at Mary E. Brown Community Center. Which included deal and field, hoops, and volleyball. She excelled well in every sport she did, especially the ones she did at Mary E. Brown Community Center. Jackie started track and field when she was nine years old. By twelve, she had jumped almost seventeen f... ...ld record holder for long jump. Then, in 1987, she scored the weeklong legal jump that year by a woman in the United States.However, Jackie ended up retiring from track and field because of her asthma. When s he was blameless with track and field she joined the Richmond Rage a basketball team in the American Basketball League. She also had enough cadence to write and publish an autobiography in 1997 titled A unsanded Kind of Grace which was all about the story of how she became an Olympian.Jackie Joyner is known for her determination, bravery, and of bleed her six Olympic medals but there is more to becoming an frightening athlete than training, you have to be dedicated. She overcame a life of little money and without having much training equipment, to live a life as an Olympian. Its better to look ahead and prepare, than to look back and regret. Jackie Joyner (Source 3)

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