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Presentation software Essay

Save a copy of this document, either onto your computer or a disk Work with your judgment, remembering to save your work regularly When youve finished, print out a copy to keep for reference Then, go to and send your completed Assessment to your passenger vehicle via your My Study atomic number 18a make sure it is clearly marked with your name, the course title and the Unit and Assessment number.Please note that this Assessment document has 8 pages and is make up of 3 Parts.Learning outcomesThroughout this Assessment, you exit acquire a number of contrary learning outcomes and assessment criteria. Take a come along at the information below to see which criteria you will meet in which Parts of the Assessment.Learning outcomes & Assessment criteria metPart 11.1 place what types of information are required for the presentation 1.2 Enter text and other information using layouts appropriate to type of information 1.3 Insert charts and tables into presentatio n slides1.4 Insert images, video or sound to enhance the presentation 1.6 Organise and combine information of different forms or from different sources for presentations 1.7 Store and retrieve presentation files effectively, in line with topical anesthetic guidelines and conventions where available2.1 Identify what slide structure and themes to use2.2 Select, change and use appropriate templates for slides2.4 Select and use appropriate techniques to format slides and presentations2.5 Identify what presentation effect to use to enhance the presentation2.6 Select and use animation and transition effects appropriately to enhance slide sequences3.2 Prepare slide extract for presentationPart 21.7 Store and retrieve presentation files effectively, in line with local guidelines and conventions where available2.2 Select, change and use appropriate templates for slides2.3 Select and use appropriate techniques to edit slides and presentations to meet take aims2.4 Select and use appropriate techniques to format slides and presentations 3.2 Prepare slideshow for presentationPart 31.5 Identify any(prenominal) constraints which may affect the presentation3.1 pass how to present slides to meet needs and communicate effectively3.2 Prepare slideshow for presentation3.3 Check presentation meets needs, using IT tools and making corrections as necessary3.4 Identify and respond to any problems with presentations to ensure that presentations meet needsAssessmentScenarioYou work for the Sales de classifyment of The Fruit and Veggie mint Ltd, a company that sells organic, ethically sourced fruit and vegetable boxes. You are responsible for putting together a presentation that advertises their key products.You declare been given an initial drawing off of the presentation surfeit to edit andprepare before it is used in sales meetings to show clients the different products that are available.You have been asked to edit and prepare the presentation, taking it from 1st draft to concluding draft ready for use in sales meetings.Part 1 Creating your presentation(1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.6, 1.7, 2.1, 2.2, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 3.2)In this Part of the Assessment, you will need to apply the familiarity you have acquired in Session 1 5 of your PS2 Unit.Please note You will have downloaded the resource files presentation_content, fruit_image and veg_image from the Unit Assessment Page to complete this part of the Assessment.1. Begin by saving this assessment document as PS2 Assessment in an appropriate localisation of function. Take a screenprint of the file saved in this location and paste it in the space below2. In this Part of the Assessment, you need to produce a slide show presentation for The Fruit and Veggie Peoples sales team so that they can show off the organisations best products to potential customers. Use the box below to site the different types of information you could be required to include in your presentation.To make the presentation look professional and attractive, I would be using as many another(prenominal) different types of information as possible, such as pictures, charts, sound, videos, tables and of course text and numbers.3. Now create your presentation using a suitable template in PowerPoint. The presentation must be structured appropriately and must containAt least 6 slidesA themeAt least 4 examples of inserting objects (this must include the two image files fruit_image and veg_image, a chart, a table and a Clip Art sound clip.) A slide containing references for the image files you have used At least 1 animation effectAt least 1 slide transitionAt least 3 different kinds of text formatting (e.g. using bold, italics, colour, alignment or underlining)Content for the presentation can be found in the presentation_content resource file.Please note that in the presentation_content file, the person who has drafted the presentation has left you some instructions in red.When you are happy with your work, save your work as PS2 _presentation.Remember to also save any work youve d unmatched on this PS2 Assessment. Part 2 Making changes to your presentation(1.7, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 3.2)In this Part of the Assessment, you will need to apply the knowledge you have acquired in Session 1 6 of your PS2 Unit.1. Re-open the presentation PS2_presentation that you saved in Part 1 of this Assessment.2. Use the Slide Master view in PowerPoint to change the compass styles on Slide 1 of your presentation template. Use the box below to describe the changes you have made.On my first slide, Ive used obviously the cognomen Slide layout. I have made the following modifications to it swapd the background gradient mode and its colours Changed the position of the slide number which is part of the header3. Change the order of slides in your presentation by switching Slide 3 and Slide 4 around.4. In Part 1, you added a series of objects to your presentation (such as tables, charts, images etc.) Edit your presentation by changing t he size and position of one of these objects.Use the box below to give details of the changes you have made on that point is a green box picture (the one with the recycling sign on it) on my fifth slide, which Ive made a bit small at this point and also repositioned it from the upright region to the right bottom one.5. Finally, add a simple shape, such as an arrow or a star, to an appropriate point in your presentation.Use the box below to give details of the shape you have added and where it can be found in your presentation.Ive placed a few arrows to my sixth slider on the top of the line graph to make even more obvious, that the business line is doing better all(prenominal) year. Ive changed the colour and size of all the arrows and finally added them to the same animation that has been used on the line graph itself.When you are happy with your work, save your amend presentation as PS2_presentation_edited.Remember to also save the work youve done on this PS2 Assessment documen t. Part 3 Finalising your presentation(1.5, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4)In this Part of the Assessment, you will need to apply knowledge you have acquired in Session 6 of your PS2 Unit.1. List at least two constraints that may affect your presentation. This should include one legal constraint, and one constraint provided by your organisation (or one that you are familiar with.)By creating a presentation, theres a number of constraints has to be considered either by law (equal opportunities, acknowledging sources) or in order to maintain the consistency within the company or organisation (house style, time, local guidelines), that will be using it.2. Explain how your presentation meets the needs of the sales team at The Fruit and Veggie People Headquarters.My presentation takes less than 2 minutes to show and doesnt require mouse click to move on except for at the final references slide. This presentation will be published on business meetings, so every second counts. It has a small file size , wherefore it is easily downloadable, can be forwarded via email or streamed online without even downloading it in the future. It is inadequate enough to keep the attention awaken, colourful, contains sound effect, animations and transitions, therefore it encourages people watching it carefully, which is the companys goal.3. List at least five things you should check in your presentation to ensure that it is suitable for viewing.Before publishing any presentation I need to check its quality, design, content and the constraints, that needs to be taken into account. root I should do a spell check, and an overall content check (accuracy and clarity) to make sure it contains all the information in the right order it has to, therefore it is easily understandable for the viewers). Second I need to check the design has been used including the text formatting, the position and size of the pictures and other contents, as well as the timing, animations and transitions. Finally needs to be checked, that the presentation follows the local guidelines of the company, contains the list of sources and references.4. Now use your list from question 3 above to check your presentation. Make changes as necessary in response to any problems you identify in your presentation. Use the box below to list any problems you have identified and the changes you have made to ensure your presentation meets requirements.Ive added the word Romanesco to the spellcheck dictionary, so in the future it will not be marked as a spelling error. Ive changed the colour and the gradient of the main title on the first slide, so it better matches the colours of the modified master slide.Save your finished presentation as PS2_presentation_complete.Remember to also save the work youve done on your PS2 Assessment.Sending workOnce you have completed all parts of this Assessment, you will need to send your work to your tutor so that they can see the progress you have made.Please make sure you send all of th e following files1. This document, your PS2 Assessment2. The presentation that you created at the end of Part 1 saved as PS2_presentation3. The presentation that you created at the end of Part 2 saved as PS2_presentation_edited4. The final version of the presentation that you created at the end of Part 3 saved as PS2_presentation_complete.Once you have checked to make sure you have these quaternary files, go to and send your files to your tutor via your My Study area.

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