Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Analyzing the play Real women have curves and applying critical Essay

Analyzing the play Real women have curves and applying critical thinking and terms - Essay ExampleBut God has selected the charwoman, not the man, to give egis for the initial nine months to His creative force This is the common thinking line of Josefina Lopez, in all her literary creations, whether it is a novel or the play. She is part of the caper and she participates in their solutions through literature. The colours may vary, her canvass is the same. Her thinking has something to do with her upbringing in a traditional Mexican household, the history and geography of it where menfolk atomic number 18 invariably served food first, not necessarily the prime items, but the leftovers. It is a herculean effort for the woman to nurture her body, spirit and soul. Real Women Have Curves, is her autobiographical play with a difference. She creates a play that depicts feminist consciousness clubbed with working-class consciousness. She defends womanhood with an approach of sarcasm. She does not pity her, condemn her, but wonders how a woman has to bear with so much pressure, to nurture her body image. The shape of her body is important to her it is also important to menfolk. The story relates to a young woman who wants to go to college but the family pressurises her to work, obviously to earn. The important issues of oppression grounded on gender, class and ethnicity, coupled with the immigration problems of the Hispanic community are meaningfully classified in the play. On the whole, the play is a feminist narrative of upward mobility and it is a working class play. Women who wish to achieve success in life need to induce Josefina as the model. Her life lets you know how to remain unbeatable in adversaries and triumph in the end. She is a Latina, an utterly traditional community, that puts many hurdles in the fashion of a progressive woman, and yet she succeeds in breaking out from that set up, and designs her own pattern of life. From the point of view of a r eviewer and critic, the characters speaking Spanish may be a problem, but it keeps the authenticity of the dialogues, for each community and each language has something that is un-translatable, and needs to make meaning in the original form. In brief, Real Women Have Curves, is the biography of the Latino community. The authors Chicana pride triumphs over all odds. In the play immigration has been shown as a persecution the Latino has to undergo and the author identifies the characters with ones real-life experiences. Coming to the plot of the play proper, Real Women Have Curves, highlights the relationship between five Latina women. When women from common background plug into together, they unknowingly form a union (not in the trade union sense of the term). In that association they share their sorrows and joy, mostly sorrows, as they belong to despicable immigrant families. The story relates to the year 1987, when the problem of immigrants is the highly discussed in the American sociological and political circles. One of the five women, Ana is ambitious, she is a fresh high school graduate, and she has commodious dreams to achieve success in life, that too as a writer. A writer, with the writing skills and passion to transform the society, is able to achieve something tangible to the ethnic separate to which she belongs. This seems to be the agenda of Ana. In the play under review she aims to achieve her objectives by describing the physical beauty of the multi-generational families, who have achieved prosperity as participants in the American Dream. She has no ambiguities or fear about

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