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Reflective journal as an appendix to the report of case study Essay

Reflective journal as an appendix to the report of case study - Essay Example d)., p. 32-37; Learning module 8: Using a reflective journal n. d., p. 1). Through writing an academic reflective journal, a student is able to monitor personal skills and experiences, which are necessary for academic development as well as growth in career development. Moreover, the reflective journal is effective in analyzing skills developed through academic practices such as the research studies. The case study analysis assignment have been very instrumental in practicing classroom learning outcomes in an academic exercise, I sought to carry out an analysis of human resource management practices within a manufacturing industry that has operation sites within various nations: a multinational. This therefore necessitated wide reading in existing literature on management practices as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of the company in the capacity of production. The case study involved collection of data from the respective company, analyzing and interpreting the findings of the study for possible recommendations to the company as well as for subsequent research studies. Data collection methods employed included the survey method by use of questionnaires as well as through interview methods. Besides employing qualitative analysis tools, the study adopted the quantitative methods for the findings analysis. The case study therefore required interplay of competencies in fields of data collection, literature review as well as in data analysis. Interpretation tools were also very necessary for the success and effectiveness of the research study case. I. Description: The course of the case study involved activities, which were prerequisite to the success of the study (Boss et al., 2007, p. 1-2). Moreover, besides reading while conducting the literature review, I collected analytical data through interviews as well as survey methods. I also carried out an analysis of the data collected through statistical quantitative methods and through qualitative deductive methods (Ortlipp, 2008, p. 695). The analysis also entailed critical thinking in utilizing statistical knowledge for interpreting and making deductions from the outcomes gotten. II. Interpretation: The main reason for carrying out the case study was as a requirement or part of testing curriculum, for the business course undertaken as part of my undergraduate studies. This case study became very important for learning outside classroom and for utilizing the skills learnt within the classroom context. I learnt new ways of conducting research studies as well as for studying. Online research skills were among the new insights that were acquired through the study. Moreover, designing questionnaires and conducting pretests and actual data collection were other skills that were developed besides the classroom experience in drafting questionnaires. This experience and learning insights became fundamental in complementing the classroom experience where it served as a practice session. The ex perience gave me a strong sense of competitiveness in carrying out research studies and incorporating the classroom experience for the corporate work. This research study affirmed my feelings in competitive learning through giving me a chance to exercise learnt skill for

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